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Creating Planetary Peace Through
Love and Harmony
by Celia Fenn, MA, PhD
Creating Planetary Peace Through
Love and Harmony
by Celia Fenn, MA, PhD
Celia Fenn, MA, PhD
Published by
Starchild Ascension Group
Located Worldwide
Also by Celia Fenn, MA, PhD
A Guide to Complementary Therapies in South Africa
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About the Author Celia Fenn, MA, PhD
Celia Fenn is an Indigo/Crystal adult who holds MA and PhD degrees in Eng-
lish Literature, and has also studied Art and Music. She lives in Cape Town,
South Africa where she visits her Dolphin friends regularly.
For 12 years Celia worked as a University Academic before embarking upon
a career in Healing and Therapy. For the past ten years she has helped many
find their personal healing journey to wholeness and inner peace. She is also
the author of A Guide to Complementary Therapies in South Africa.
In the last few years Celia has worked intensively with Indigo adults, teen-ag-
ers, and children, and has developed specific programmes to assist these spe-
cial beings in finding a peaceful, balanced path in life. She has often appeared
on radio and television to share her work with Indigo and Crystal Children.
Celia is also a pioneer in exploring the ascension symptoms of the transition
from Indigo to Crystal consciousness and assisting those that are undergoing
these changes. Her work has appeared in the Sedona Journal of Emergence,
and she writes a regular monthly channel column for Children of the New
Earth Online. Her work appears on the widely
read Planetlightworker.com as well.
Celia offers personal online consultations, as well
as energy healing sessions. She has pioneered
the use of Aura Sonics as a distance healing mo-
dality, as well as for use with individuals and
groups. This has grown from her interest in and
work with the Cetaceans of the planet, espe-
cially the Dolphin consciousness.
Contact: celia@starchildascension.org
Creating Planetary Peace Through
Love and Harmony
Pioneers of Conscious Evolution
The Systems Busters: The Way of the indigo Warrior
Warriors of the Heart: The Way of the Crystal Peacemaker
Golden Auras, Human Angels and Multi-Dimensional Consciousness
The Adult Indigo to Crystal Transition
Becoming Lighter: The Adult Crystal Body and the New Energies
Navigating Multi-Dimensional Reality: Tools for a New Way of Living
Living Beyond Illusion: Conscious Reality Creation
No Guilt, No Fear-Only Love: Beyond Sin and Karma
The Sacred Dance: Multi-Dimensional Heart-Centered Relationships
The Gift of Empowered Love: Conscious Parenting
Creating the New Earth: Culmination of the Indigo Crystal Adventure... 114
Parents have been dealing
with adolescent rebellion
since time began.
A little common sense, a bit of reasoning and a lot of
love have allowed the generational gaps to be healed,
or at least endured, up until now. But in the last twen-
ty years or so a new type of children emerged, leaving
their parents bewildered and searching for answers.
Children that are smarter, more rebellious, more cre-
ative and much more angry than previous generations.
The rates of ADD and ADHD cases were rising dra-
matically and parents needed help! Then just as we
were beginning to understand the concept of Indigo
Children a new wave of, dare we say, kinder and gen-
tler children were born. Welcome the Crystal Children!
Then came the realization that there were also Indigo
adolescents and adults, and these beings were capable
of going through a transition from their Indigo state to
the Crystal state.
This book will combine material and ideas about the Indigo
and Crystal people channelled through Archangel Michael,
the Hathors, and the Crystal Children themselves, with the in-
tention of clarifying the nature of the Indigo-Crystal adventure.
This book will help clear up some of the uncertainty we have
all experienced and reassure many they are NOT alone. This
book will explain, through the channelled information, who
and what the Indigo and Crystal Children are, how they affect
the lives of every person on the planet, and how we can make
their work with us easier for all. The concept of Indigo Children
was first brought to worldwide attention by Lee Carroll in his
Kryon chanellings. Kryon spoke of a new kind of child that was
coming to the planet, and that this child was fundamentally
different to other children. The Indigo Child was a Starchild,
and was here with a definite mission that involved healing
and transforming the planet and its people. In his book, The
Indigo Children, Lee Carroll, with Jan Tober, presented infor-
mation and interviews with many of these children and their
parents, with the intention of helping these new children cope
with parents, teachers and other caregivers. Many were con-
fused and unaware of the problems these children faced, as
many were diagnosed and labelled ADD or ADHD.
Doreen Virtue followed with her book, The Care and Feeding
of Indigo Children, which further helped to define ways of as-
sisting these new beings in their work on the planet. Crystal
Children information was primarily brought to our attention
through the channelling of Steve Rother and The Group, who
explained that another group of children would be following
the Indigos, and these would be called Crystal. They would
be more powerful and have a different, but no less important,
planetary mission.
Around 2000 I began to notice a large group of twenty-some-
things arriving in my therapy practice with very similar issues
and needs. They were my first group of Adult Indigos, and all
were moving into their first Saturn return. For this astrological
event they would need to become aware of who and what they
were. I literally read everything I could discover about Indigos,
and began working with Indigo Children. Steve Rother’s work
alerted me to the new phenomenon of the Crystal Child, and
allowed me to discern the differences between an Indigo and
a Crystal. So began my work with Indigo and Crystal people.
In 2001, I began my own Indigo to Crystal transition. I have
been made aware by, examining my soul history, that I
was born in the Crystal state but closed down or dropped
frequency in order to survive. The family and community
into which I was born were not receptive to who I was.
As an early Indigo, I spent most of my adult life encoun-
tering all the frustrations and problems of Indigos. This
was my training to help Indigos in later life. The transi-
tion I entered into in 2001 was unlike anything I had ever
encountered in my life. I opened rapidly, the higher di-
mensional energy surging through my being and clear-
ing out past blocks and repressions at such a rate that
it was impossible to miss. The stress on my body and
psyche was huge and many times I though death was
Once again I was a pioneer, and as I battled to work out
what was going on and stabilise, I was later able to help
others who would shortly begin the same transitional
process. In the middle of this process, I began to channel
Archangel Michael, the guardian of the Indigo and Crys-
tal beings. I was told to make this information accessible
to all, so in August of 2003 the Starchild web site was
born. This was accomplished by working with my origi-
nal Starchild partner, Kate Spreckley. Kate is also an In-
digo-Crystal adult and had been a client initially, but then
moved into becoming a therapist and healer. At this time,
we also did TV and radio inserts on Indigo and Crystal
Children. And so our work with these beings began.
The web site put us in touch with people around the
world, and we began to realise there is a great need for
information about this aspect of the transformation pro-
cess that our planet is now undergoing. This process of
transformation or rebirth is also called ascension, as the
planet moves to a higher frequency or vibration, allowing
a higher consciousness to resonate on the planet.
The Indigo and Crystal beings are a fundamental and
integral part of this process. In fact, the acceleration of
the ascension or transformation process has been a di-
rect result of the influx of Crystal beings being born on
the planet as Crystal Children. These Crystal beings are
holding the energy that allows the transformation to oc-
cur. They are actually born with such a high vibration in
their auras that they are entraining those who are ready to
move into their Crystal or Christed frequency. When enough
people enter the same range or frequency as the Crystal be-
ings, then the planet will be reborn at that frequency. These
children are assisting the adults in their process of rebirthing
to this new frequency.
Many people are beginning to wonder if they are Indigo or
Crystal, and whether they, too, might be participating in this
Indigo-Crystal adventure.
And what an adventure it is.
We are in the process of rebirthing and recreating both our-
selves and the planet. It is a group project, it is not up to some
elite group of mystics, anointed ones or extraterrestrials. This
is the work of each human being on the planet who holds
the intention to create something new and better for the fu-
ture. As you hold this intention, you begin to resonate with
the Indigo frequency, and you begin to grow and create new
energetic patterns within your auric field. You join the Indigo
vibration. Then, when you are ready, you can rise to the fre-
quency of the Crystal vibration, and be born into the Crystal
or Christed energy that is now available on our planet.
At this point, after you have transitioned, you have the poten-
tial to open up into full Christ Consciousness or enlightenment.
Then you, too, become part of the Indigo-Crystal adventure,
as the new energy weaves and creates a new planetary home
for advanced beings of matter and light. In the pages of this
book you will find all the information you need to travel the
path of the Indigo-Crystal.
This information has been gifted to the planet by Archangel
Michael, the Hathors, and the Crystal Children, and is intend-
ed to help to create the bridge into the Golden Future that is
the gift of the Indigos and Crystals to the planet.
We welcome you to join us in
this adventure!
Pioneers of
Conscious Evolution
In the past few years much has been
written about Indigo Children, Starchil-
dren, Psychic Children, and more re-
cently, the Crystal Children.
Whether people understand these categories or not, most
will agree the current generation is very different from
their predecessors. These children seem somehow smart-
er, brighter and wiser.
They are attracted to and easily master difficult, complex
technologies. They are passionate, focused and honest
about their feelings. Relationships are important to them.
They are unwilling to be controlled by old ideas, and have
their own definite ideas about how they want to live.
They have strong wills, a strong sense of their own self-
esteem and often refuse entirely to be dominated by au-
thoritarian systems, whether they be schools or families.
They often have problems at school, being labelled ADD
or ADHD, and as teenagers they tend to get involved with
drugs, alcohol and other forms of extreme dysfunctional
Who are these children and why is their behaviour so
A Global Crisis
In order to understand why these children have come to
Planet Earth at this time, we need to understand why their
special gifts are needed now. That reason is our beloved
Planet Earth has reached a crisis in her evolution.
We, as her children, have reached a point of impasse or
stagnation in our growth. We have hemmed ourselves in
with systems that have become impersonal and no longer
function for the greater good of the human community.
We have created systems of economics, education, and
health that were once focussed on assisting communities,
but now seem more interested in greed and profit. More
and more of the world’s people are becoming impoverished
in both material and spiritual terms, as a small minority ac-
cumulate more power and wealth for themselves.
As humans we have forgotten that we are a family, and that
we share a common home, our planet Earth. We continue to
trash our planet in the name of development and to kill each
other in senseless wars, often fought in the name of religion
and freedom.
It is into this situation the Indigo and Crystal Children, the
Starchildren have been sent. Spiritual warriors, they have
come to shift our consciousness. They are here to make us
aware of what we are doing to ourselves and how we need
to change our community life in order to create more nour-
ishing, peaceful and loving situations that will foster our
continued growth as a human species.
Enter the Indigo Children
First came the Indigo Children. They are spiritual warriors
whose function is to smash the old systems so something
new can be created. They are the systems busters who will
liberate us from our prisons of belief.
They do this by incarnating into our families and commu-
nities. They bring with them their gifts of advanced spiri-
tual development, their soul’s of indigo light, indicating a
high level of consciousness and wisdom. But, because they
are so aware and awake, they refuse to allow themselves
to be constrained or enslaved by the impersonal systems of
They show us that gentle, wise and high level beings cannot
flourish and thrive in the systems we have created. The high
level of adolescent and teenage dysfunction among Indigo
Children in our society is a signal that our society is dys-
functional and needs to change to accommodate beings of
higher ability.
Enter the Crystal Children
The Indigo Children are the trailblazers, the ones who shock
us into awareness and instigate change. They are followed
by an even more powerful group, the Crystal Children. These
children are Warriors of the Heart. They are here to teach us
the ways of love and peace.
Crystal Children are considered to be potential masters who
carry the Christ (Christos) consciousness seed within them.
This term denotes a being who is aware of his or her con-
nection with divine source and chooses to live in harmony
with this knowing.
Because they function at such a high level of consciousness,
these children are extremely sensitive both to their environ-
ment and to the feelings and emotions of others. They have
come to teach us about tolerance, respect for others and for
our home, Planet Earth.
Teachers of Conscious Awareness
It may be true to say that advanced religions and philoso-
phies have taught these truths for centuries, and the human
race as a whole has still not been able to learn the lessons.
This is probably because the concepts have been under-
stood as mental ideas, but not lived as a reality.
The Indigo and Crystal Children are here to confront us with
these realities on the level of our families and communities.
They are forcing us, through their very presence, to wake up
to what we are doing to ourselves and to the planet. They do
this in the way of the spiritual warrior, by living their truth
and making us aware of our truth.
The Indigo Crystal Adventure
For these beings of Higher Consciousness, incarnating on
Planet Earth at this time is an adventure. It is a group proj-
ect in which thousands of these souls are arriving as teach-
ers and healers for the human race.
They are here to wake us up and they do whatever they need
to shock us into conscious awareness. But they are also here
to have fun. In the years that I have worked with Indigos, a
constant theme in their lives in the desire to have fun.
They generally don’t see their mission in a heavy and re-
sponsible way, and for this reason they are quite often un-
der prepared and run into trouble with Earth systems and
beliefs. It is our role to assist them to understand the nature
of life on Earth and to help them to create the fun and joy
that they seek. We need to affirm to them that we are hear-
ing them and are willing to help them with their mission of
conscious evolution.
Creating the “New Earth”
The purpose of conscious evolution for the human species
as a whole is to create a New Earth. With the assistance of
the Indigo and Crystal Children we, as a species, will redis-
cover our Oneness, our common humanity.
And we will use this knowledge to raise our consciousness
and to begin to create a New Earth. This will be a place
where every living being can thrive and be respected for
what it is. Where humans will learn to respect the similari-
ties and the differences between them, and to live with lov-
ing tolerance of those differences.
In fact, to celebrate the incredible diversity that character-
ises our oneness and makes life an adventure in conscious-
The System Busters:
The Way of the
Indigo Warrior
Indigo Children is the name given to a very spe-
cial group of beings who have chosen to incar-
nate on our planet with a specific mission and
The name Indigo Child refers to the soul color of Indigo,
which indicates a Master Soul who serves as a teacher or
healer. Every Indigo Child will undertake this mission of
teaching or healing in some way, often merely by being who
he or she is.
Indigos have been coming to our planet for a long time. Some
argue that Jesus and Buddha were Indigos, since their mis-
sion, on a global scale, was to teach and heal, and to shift the
consciousness of humanity.
In the recent past, Indigos began to incarnate on the planet
in increasing numbers after World War II, in preparation for
the global shift that we are now experiencing. They incar-
nated among the baby boom generation of the fifties and
were born to the flower children of the sixties. However, at
this stage there was not a sufficient number of them on the
planet to create significant changes.
Then, in the 1970s, the first generational wave of Indigo Chil-
dren arrived. These beings are now in their late twenties and
early thirties, and are the real warrior generation who have
begun the process of challenging and shifting old systems.
They were followed in the eighties and nineties by Indigos
of increasing sensitivity and refinement, until the late 1990s
and early 2000s when they were joined by the Crystal Chil-
dren, a different kind of spiritual warrior.
How to Recognize an Indigo
I am often asked in the course of my work how to recog-
nize an Indigo. The obvious answer would be to check the
aura color. But no, not all Indigos have dark blue auras all the
time. The term Indigo refers to a soul state and not to an aura
color. In the average human aura color changes from day to
day depending on mood and interest. Clairvoyants who read
soul states may be able to identify Indigos.
However, it is easy to identify an Indigo by their sensitivity,
creativity, spirituality and general behavioural patterns.
As children, they look much like other children, although they
are often physically beautiful with penetrating eyes. They are
always highly intelligent and full of questions and demands.
They are energetic and active and have strong wills and a
strong sense of their own value and importance. They know
that they are special and that they are here to do something
They are right-brain oriented, and are generally attracted to
right brain pursuits such as music, art, writing and spiritu-
ality. They love crystals and reiki and meditation and yoga.
They are very passionate and intensely loyal to their friends,
of whom they often have many. They believe in honesty
and communication in relationships. They are often baffled
by dishonesty and manipulation and other forms of selfish
behaviour deemed normal by their elders. Their attitude to-
wards money is either to reject it as unnecessary or to be
very aware of its power and to seek, often successfully, to
create affluence for themselves.
A key feature of Indigos is often anger. They will not be or-
dered around by so-called authority figures. On a deep level,
Indigos do not recognize authority. They know we are all
equal, and thus are enraged by those who assume authority
and behave dictatorially, whether they are parents, teachers
or bosses.
This is where they are important as spiritual teachers, they
are teaching us to own our own power and to respect our-
selves, by not giving away our power to those who demand
it. They are teaching us to further value our creative and
spiritual selves and not to place so much value on material
The Indigo Child
The Indigo as a child is active, energetic and imaginative.
They can entertain themselves and play in their own worlds
for hours, often with imaginary friends! They love fairies
and dolphins.
The boys often have more of a tendency towards hyperac-
tive and disruptive behaviour. This is probably culturally de-
termined by our society’s need to express male dominance,
which is picked up by them at an early stage.
The exceptional intelligence of Indigos can be exasperating
to adults. They will not be told what to do, but will want
to debate and negotiate every instruction. Until the parent
learns that they are being taught to respect the child’s right
to choice, and to honor that choice, they will continue to be
confronted at every turn with power struggles and battles
of will.
The correct way to handle an Indigo is to be willing to ne-
gotiate, explain, and offer choices. Bald instructions to do as
you are told will only produce hostility or indifference.
Indigos often dislike school intensely. They are bored by the
(to them) slow pace and repetitive tasks deemed suitable
for children by teachers who do not understand their intelli-
gence. They battle with authority and peer pressure, which
can be quite overwhelming to a young Indigo soul with lit-
tle real understanding of the power over others, dominance
and submission states common to Earth society. Since they
carry such a high soul frequency, the Indigo soul has either
not incarnated on Earth for quite a while, or is in its first
incarnation here, and may find socialization patterns quite
baffling to its way of being.
Problems experienced at school include ADD and ADHT, a
result of boredom and irritation. Learning disabilities such
as dyslexia often also reflect alternative ways of being and
thinking used by Indigos.
The Indigo Adolescent
Like most adolescents, the Indigo will reach the state of pu-
berty transition and become moody and inward as the body
changes. However, at this stage, young Indigos often begin
to see through the intense materialism and the victim dra-
mas that form the basis of most adults lives in the modern
world. At this point they often disconnect from these life-
styles and opt for alternatives which they deem more mean-
ingful or more fun or just plain challenging to adults.
Unfortunately, many of these include the drug culture and
various trance parties that include chemically induced
states of bliss that are short-lived and addictive.
At this point, the adolescent is expressing his or her anger
and rejection of a system that offers nothing of value to the
Indigo soul. Parents can take their children to Rehabilitation
programmes, but they really need to question why such in-
telligent and creative beings often seem to want to self-de-
Another form of self-destructive adolescent behaviour oc-
curs when the child takes on the values of the parents and
seeks to over achieve. This can be frightening, as Indigos are
by nature exceptionally gifted and talented. These Indigos
often develop phenomenal academic and technical abilities
to gain recognition and success, but sacrifice emotional de-
velopment which can be damaging in later life when they
seek to create meaningful partnerships.
The Young Indigo Adult
In their twenties and early thirties, Indigos usually fall into
one of two groups.
The first group follows a yuppie path and creates affluence,
usually through a career in IT or the Arts. They seek stable
relationships and to have children and create families. But
they battle with the demands and norms of the systems of
marriage, family and employment. Their Indigo souls strive
to express their essence and remain true to who they are
while still achieving success, as dictated by our culture.
The second group opts to drop out, and often the individu-
als travel extensively, becoming a global citizen and battling
to settle in any one place. These people often have no fixed
career or work, and live an alternative lifestyle that includes
drugs. While they often claim to be happy, they are also frus-
trated by their inability to be able economically to pursue
the so-called normal activities of creating a family and con-
tributing to a community.
Both groups are attempting to redefine what it means to be
an adult in the contemporary world, and to find ways of liv-
ing their truth while still finding happiness and stability as
adults. They are the generation that is defining new choices
and new options for adult life on the New Earth.
Systems Busting: Indigos and the
Education System
The area of community life where Indigos have had the most
effect is the education system. As mentioned earlier, Indi-
gos are mostly right-brainers who are energetic and active.
They dislike sitting still for long periods, being told what to
do, and being bored by repetitive tasks that fail to challenge
them. Since this generally defines the school experience, it
is obvious that Indigos will have problems and will cause
The right-brain orientation means many Indigos struggle to
maintain interest and focus in a school curriculum designed
for left-brain activity. Their need to express their energy in
movement and to relieve their boredom means they are rest-
less and can be disruptive. When they begin to fall behind
their peers, they can become stressed and anxious.
The usual diagnoses given to Indigos are ADD (Attention
Deficit Disorder) and ADHT (attention Deficit Hyperactivity
Disorder), which are regarded as minimal brain dysfunction
disorders by medicine. The parent needs to choose between
defining their child with a pathological label, or accepting
that the child represents the next step in human evolution,
and neither needs nor wants to spend 6 or 7 hours a day sit-
ting behind a desk being told what to think.
Lets face it, the school system is dated and dysfunctional.
Schools were originally designed to educate the children of
the upper classes, who had the wealth and time to devote
to mental pursuits as a sign of their superiority. Gradually,
in the 19th and early 20th century, education became uni-
But what does the school system really do? Most Indigos
agree that what is taught in school is rarely relevant to real
life. It confines them to mental or head experience, and
most Indigos want real life experience to be their teacher.
In addition, sitting behind a school desk for 6 hours a day is
seen as no more than training to sit behind and office desk
for 8 hours a day or more, and most Indigos have no interest
in that life path.
Modern school classes usually consist of 30 or so children
and one teacher. The system functions because the children
agree to be controlled by the teacher. However, as more and
more Indigos say no, the system begins to falter.
Perhaps Indigos are teaching us that there are better ways
to learn. Perhaps, beyond a few hours a day of basic literacy
and numeracy, the child of the future will choose projects to
be pursued in the community under supervision of parents
or teachers. These could be real life oriented, and be of ben-
efit to both the learner and the community.
Meanwhile, more and more Indigos are saying no to formal
school education.
Indigo Stories
These are real life experiences drawn from my work with
I met Alison when she was 15 and had just dropped out of
school. She was attractive, intelligent and sensitive. She
came from an affluent family, her father being a respect-
ed medical practitioner. Alison absolutely refused to go to
school, and had become involved with drugs. Her parents,
not knowing how to cope, were forced to allow her to leave
school and to deal with her drug problem and her rebellion.
She was placed in a drug rehab programme.
She wanted to study Reiki and Healing with crystals, but
was really too immature to be a healer. Eventually she be-
came a model, and was able to get work in London and To-
kyo. She earned large sums of money and was able to travel
the world. Being attractive, she had no shortage of male
companions in her life.
How does one tell an Indigo like Alison that she needed to
go the school? She plainly did not. She was able to live a
life beyond what most people aspire to without spending
years at school and university. This is typical of Indigos :
they work out the system and then use it to their advantage
rather than being controlled by it.
Peter, on the other hand, went into a deep depression in his
final year of school. He dropped out, not because of work
pressure, but because he was able to see the futility and
the illusion of the school system. His father was opposed,
but his mother with whom he lived, was willing to allow his
After several months of dealing with his depression, Peter
decided not to return to school, but to pursue a technical
diploma for which he did not need a school certificate.
This option gave him the time to research his other interests
in life, alternative healing and healthier lifestyles.
A more tragic story is that of Jamila, a young girl of Asian
descent who also dropped out in her final year of school. In
Jamila’s case, her parents were academic high achievers,
and Jamila in fact did buckle under the pressure to perform
as well as the suppressed anger at her parents absence from
her life while pursuing their careers.
She is immensely gifted, sensitive, and loving, as well as
beautiful. But she developed an eating disorder as a signal
that all was not right in her world.
Unfortunately, her parents adopted the child as problem ap-
proach, and sought to find someone to cure her. They were
unable to understand that their own behaviour and the
system in which they thrived was inimical to their Indigo
daughter and her gentle and sensitive approach to life
Then, on the lighter side, is the story of 4 year old Kim, who
informed her mother that she was not going to go to school.
She intended to be a mother when she grew up, and for
that, she told Mom, she didn’t need to go to school. Mother
tended not to agree, and Kim was enrolled at the local Wal-
dorf School. The Waldorf and Montessori systems of educa-
tion see to be the best available to Indigos at the moment.
Many Indigo parents are also going for the home schooling
option, which allows for more flexibility of approach while
still ensuring that the child gets the necessary education.
Systems Busting: Indigos and the
Medical System
Another area where Indigos are making their presence felt
is with the medical system. This is as a result of the medical
diagnoses of ADD and Hyperactivity, or minimal brain dys-
function. Medical science’s answer is a drug, usually Ritalin,
sometimes Prozac.
I have seen a child as young as seven on a medically pre-
scribed anti-depressant. I have heard a respected pediatri-
cian recommend that children as young as three be put on
There is much debate about the pros and cons of Ritalin,
and I am not going to go into that here. Suffice to say that
Ritalin is a drug of the amphetamine stimulant class. It has
side effects and withdrawal symptoms, and is also addic-
tive if misused.
The significance of this debate in terms of Indigos, is that
many people are now questioning a medical system that
drugs small children with stimulant drugs that alter brain
chemistry as a way of coping with behaviour that doesn’t
conform to the norm of the average child.
In my work with children I have encountered children that
range from gifted and brilliant to those who are autistic and
learning disabled. In this journey, I have come to believe
that there is no such thing as the average child. Each child
is like a snowflake, unique and individual, with its own
needs and desires.
Yet the education system is geared to the average child, and
if a child does not conform to this model they are drugged
into conformity. Dr. Peter Breggin, an American psychiatrist
who is against the use of Ritalin, points out that what is
defined as ADD or ADHD is just the manifestation of a child
that functions at one end of the energy spectrum-the high
People who work with Indigos prefer to call these children
kinesthetic learners, and to suggest that they need modes
of learning suited to their energy levels, rather than Ritalin.
Diet has also been shown to have a major effect on children.
The stimulants in caffeine, refined sugars and food addi-
tives, all have a negative effect on children who are already
high in energy. Eliminating these foods and concentrating
on fresh and organic foods has been known to help to bal-
ance over-stimulated Indigos. Many Indigos, in fact, prefer
this kind of diet if they are allowed access to it. But, busy
parents often aggravate the problems by feeding their chil-
dren processed and convenience foods which upset their
sensitive systems.
Indigos are teaching us once again of the importance of
holistic living, natural therapies and healing, and natural,
unprocessed food. They are also challenging a medical sys-
tem that sees pharmaceutical drugs as magic bullets, re-
gardless of the consequences and side-effects.
The Unhappy Indigo
If Indigos are given the opportunity to express who they are,
if they are honored and respected, they can become highly
sensitive, loving and gifted people. If not, they tend to be-
come self-destructive and dysfunctional.
The high incidence of drug abuse, eating disorders and dys-
functional behaviour among Indigos is an indicator that the
way we live is dysfunctional.
Please, Never Tell Them They’re Not
Good Enough...
Indigos are born with a strong sense of mission. They are
the spiritual warriors of the Indigo Ray. They know they
have something really special to do on this planet.
Yet, from the moment they arrive, they are bombarded with
negative messages that affect their self-worth. From the time
they begin to walk, there is a constant don’t do this/don’t do
that, to messages that say you are stupid. I have seen a four
year old who informed me that she was, unfortunately, stu-
pid. How damaging this is, especially to an Indigo.
If an Indigo is made to feel worthless and not good enough,
they tend to feel that they are failures. They have failed at
their mission, and this makes them depressed, angry, neu-
rotic and self destructive.
So please, if you parent or care for an Indigo, make sure you
are affirming of their value and worth. Respect them for who
they are, no matter how different they are to you. Children
are not meant to be clones of their parents, or to carry the
aspirations of the parent. Allow them to be who they are,
and they will flourish and thrive.
Indigo Stories
I have worked with many Indigos, to help them to balance
their lives and be successful.
Nine year old Sonya came to me with intense eczema all
over her body. She was sleeping badly and was anxious and
depressed. I referred her to a homeopath for treatment for
the eczema. The homeopath used homeopathic and naturo-
pathic treatments together with diet. When I worked with
Sonya I used energy balancing, crystals and visualization
techniques to help her. After several months, her mother
reported that the eczema was nearly completely cleared,
and that she was happy and enjoying her life.
Twenty-four year old Lara came to me in a deeply depressed
state. She was unemployed, despite being a qualified art-
ist. She wept her way through our initial sessions. I worked
with her intensively over a period of a bout 18 months, see-
ing her once a month. We used emotional clearing and re-
gression techniques, together with energy balancing and
crystal therapy.
Lara found a job that suited her talents, and eventually
moved on to one that included travelling. She was thrilled
at the shifts and changes in her life as a result of the spiritu-
al work. In addition, her social life improved and she left her
mother’s home and began sharing a house with a friend.
Warriors of the Heart:
The Way of the Crystal Peacemaker
Crystal Children represent the next step in human
evolution. They follow the Indigo Children and their mission
is to complete the work begun by the Indigos. Where the In-
digo Children are systems busters, and come to dismantle and
remove old and limiting ways of thinking, the Crystal Children
have come to begin the process of renewal and rebuilding.
The primary mission of a Crystal Child is to teach the ways of
multi-dimensional living in harmony, peace and love. They have
come to teach us how to live empowered lives. They have come
to help us to reconnect with the divine feminine energies and
to balance this with the divine masculine. They represent the
future path of the human race.
One of their most magical gifts to us is that they are serving as
catalysts for our evolution. Many Indigo Children and Adults
are transitioning into the Crystal state with the help of the en-
ergetic lift that the Crystal Children provide by their very pres-
ence on the Earth at this time. They are, together with the In-
digo Children, helping to power the ascension process of Planet
How to Recognize a Crystal Child
Crystal Children are primarily recognized through their auras,
which are generally crystal clear, but can also carry opalescent
tones of gold, indigo-blue and magenta, depending on their ray
affiliation. Crystal Children are born with access to their multi-
dimensional selves, and are generally anchored in the Sixth Di-
mension, with the ability to open to the Ninth Dimension of full
Christ Consciousness, when the planet is ready. This will prob-
ably occur around 2012 when the first generation of Crystals
reaches about twelve years old.
It is important to realize that the Crystal Child is a Christed Child,
whose purpose is to incarnate and to hold the Christ energy, so
that humans can ascend to that level as a group.
Crystal Children began coming to the planet in small numbers
in about 1998, when the first pioneers arrived. They began com-
ing in significant numbers in 2000. As more and more of them
arrive, they hold the energy for even more Crystal souls to incar-
Crystal Children are almost always born into a home where they
are deeply wanted by their parents, and know that they will be
honored and loved. They are most often the children of Indigo
parents, and they will often incarnate after a sibling who was
Indigo. The Indigo brother or sister serves to hold the energy
and educate the parents into ways of parenting the new chil-
The Crystal Child and Its Physical In-
There are some very definite physical characteristics that many
Crystal Children take on at incarnation. They are generally big
babies, and often have head that are proportionally too big for
their bodies.
They often have large, piercing eyes, and will stare at people
intensely for long periods. This can be very disturbing for adults
who are not used to being read by an infant. What the child
is doing is accessing your akashic or soul records and reading
who you are. It is quite normal behaviour for them, and they will
be quite happy for you to do the same in return. It is the Crystal
way of communicating, to look into the soul of another being
and read or perceive who they are. It is something we will all
learn to do in the future.
Emotionally, they are generally very calm and good babies, and
they will bond very intensely with their mothers. This intense
bond may last until they are four or five, and may be seen as
clinging behaviour. This is often their first incarnation on this
planet, and they need the reassurance and stability that the
physical presence of their mothers can provide. They are also
extremely loving children, and will often seek to help and heal
both humans and animals that are in distress.
They are also extremely sensitive. A Crystal Child is not only
able to read the soul records of a person, but also to pick up
and feel all the unresolved tensions and angers that a person
may be carrying on the subconscious level. This is why Crystal
Children are so sensitive to their environments. They may also
be very sensitive to food and develop food allergies.
Parenting a Crystal Child can be a real challenge. Very often the
unresolved issues of the parents are sensed by the child, who
will be negatively affected by these toxic emotions. Parents of
Crystal Children need to be willing to work through their issues
in order to provide a stable home for their children.
But maybe the most outstanding trait of the Crystal Child is its
power. They exude power. They are teachers of empowerment,
and are powerful masters in their own right. They may be incar-
nated in small bodies at this point, but they have the powerful
energies of a sixth-dimensional master. That is why it is essen-
tial that parents learn to respect them and negotiate with them.
Otherwise this powerful energy will be used in power struggles
that the parent or caregiver will never win.
Crystal Children also have no real comprehension or under-
standing of fear. They know they are always safe, and may ex-
asperate a parent or caregiver by behaviour that seems risky
or foolish. Often they need to be shown lovingly why their par-
ents consider certain behaviours unsafe for the child. Because
the physical experience is so new to them, they may not under-
stand the limitations of the physical body, if not properly made
to understand the consequences of such acts.
Their Special Abilities
Crystal Children have many special gifts which derive from
their multi-dimensional abilities. They have the ability, as men-
tioned earlier, to read the energy fields of people and the ability
to communicate telepathically, both with each other and their
Crystal Children are very connected to their peer consciousness
group. They support and assist each other on the subtle planes.
This is also true, to a certain extent, of the Indigo Children, but
is much more pronounced with Crystals. Because they are born
with a full consciousness of the heart chakra, they are able to
connect with their group consciousness and channel informa-
tion. This is why they sometimes do not speak until they are
about four or five. They have no need for speech, since they
receive information in other ways. It is only when they begin
socializing outside the home that they start to understand the
reason for verbal speech with those who are not telepathic.
Many Crystal Children are also born with other psychic abilities,
ranging from telekinesis to the ability to read a book without
opening the covers. They are reportedly also able to heal them-
selves and effect physical changes in their bodies through the
power of their minds. However, these kinds of gifts are not the
main reason for their incarnation. Such psychic gifts are inher-
ent in all humans, if we just know how to access them, and the
Crystal Children will teach us. What is important to them is that
we empower ourselves and learn to access the heart chakra
and act from a knowledge of unity consciousness and love.
Some of the Problems Encountered
by Parents of Crystal Children
The increase of autism among children on the planet is one of
the associated issues of the coming of the Crystal Children. Au-
tistic children are, in metaphysical terms, children who have not
fully incarnated in their bodies, and have chosen to keep most
of their energy on the higher dimensions. They therefore have
most of their attention tuned into other dimensions, and do not
relate well on the physical plane. Usually it is anxiety and fear
that causes the child to make such a choice. And as more of the
gentle souls of the Crystals come to be incarnated on the planet,
many of them are so traumatised by the energies of Earth that
they seek rather to stay mostly in the higher dimensions.
But autistic children are also teachers of love. I have worked
with and observed many autistic children, and beyond the so-
called problem behaviours, I have found very loving and shin-
ing souls. The delayed speech development has been discussed
and explained above.
Many Crystals also suffer with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)
as they grow older, because there is so much high level creative
energy pouring through their systems. Our culture often does
not provide the channels or the stimulation for such creativity,
and parents can battle to focus this energy in creative rather
than destructive ways.
Crystal Children can also throw powerful tantrums and be ex-
tremely manipulative. This is because they are quite new to
physical manifestation, and often feel threatened if their reality
creation is thwarted by an adult. The Crystal Child is a power-
ful creator, and will seek to create a reality which is safe and
comfortable for him or her. If the reality is not, the child will seek
to change it by whatever means, including tantrums, manipula-
tion and other power ploys.
I have often been out-manoeuvred by Crystal Children in my
own therapy room. This is because they instantly perceive that I
am there to analyse them in some way, and they find that boring
and unpleasant. So they refuse to co-operate and draw pictures
with me. (Indigos love to draw and show off their creativity).
Crystals, on the other hand, express their creativity more direct-
ly. The most memorable session I ever had with a Crystal Child
began with me asking her to do specific tasks, she refused. She
was tearful, so I let her do what she wanted. She examined all
my crystals, and we ended up on the floor playing Snap with the
Tarot cards. My room looked like it had been trashed by a whirl-
wind, but she had a good time and didn’t want to go home at
that point. I was left wondering what happened. I had just been
pulled into a Crystal Child’s creation, much rather the playful
game than the serious analysis.
Some Crystal Children also seem to have problems with co-ordi-
nation and being in their bodies. For many, it is their first experi-
ence of being in a body, and they may need help to negotiate
the mechanisms of physical incarnation. Parents may need to
help them with occupational and play therapy, or with classes
in creativity and body movement such as art and dancing.
A Crystal Story
Angela is a Crystal Child who is six years old. She was one of
the earliest Crystals to incarnate on the planet, and is a very
brave soul. A pioneer of the new consciousness.
Her mother brought her to see me because she was battling
with Angela’s hyperactivity and inability to fit in with the school
regimen. Despite being a highly intelligent child who could read
before she began school. Angela’s mother, Linda, had moved
her from one school to another because she was unhappy.
Angela had chosen her mother well. Linda runs a day-care cen-
tre for children, and is a loving and concerned parent. She is
adamant that she will never put her daughter on Ritalin or any
other drugs, and constantly seeks the best natural health care
and therapies for her daughter.
But Angela’s life story is interesting, and demonstrates some of
the challenges faced by Crystal Children and their parents. She
was born late, at 38 weeks, and her mother had to be induced.
She was a colicky baby, but otherwise normal. However, when
Angela was ten months old her mother landed up in hospital
for 5 days and had to have minor surgery. On the fourth day,
Angela, who was at home with a caregiver, had a seizure. She
was diagnosed as epileptic, but all her EEG’s have been normal.
After that she had an average of one grand mal seizure a week,
although she could sometimes have three in one day.
It appears that Angela was very connected to her mother, and
the overload of pain or electrical energy that Linda was expe-
riencing in hospital was transmitted to Angela and it blew her
system. The overload of energy manifesting as a seizure. And
once she had been overstimulated in this way, the energy just
kept pouring in.
Angela eventually outgrew the seizures, but she had another
one at six years, when she had to have an operation to have her
tonsils out. Again the pain energy was too much for her system.
She has complained of headaches and buzzing noises in her
head since then, which seem to be an indication to me that she
is able to hear the energies moving through her.
Linda had a brain scan done to check that there was no serious
problem relating to Angela’s persistent headaches. The scan
was normal, but showed that Angela’s skull is relatively too big,
and that there is a gap between the brain and the skull. Obvi-
ously an evolutionary step, as the species provides either for
more brain capacity, or for a larger skull to carry the heavier
and larger energies of the subtle bodies in a multi-dimensional
I suggested to Linda that Angela’s headaches might be as a
result of her diet. She has a tendency to crave junk food. Crys-
tals have very sensitive digestive systems, and the overload of
toxins in Angela’s liver may well be producing the persistent
detox headaches.
Some of Angela’s behaviours border on autistic. She likes to
rock from side to side and to spin, and she is always active and
finds it difficult to concentrate. As she said to me, there is just
too much energy in her body. But she is not autistic, she is just
a very bright and wonderful and loving child. She is also very
bossy and manipulative. But as I explained above, these are be-
haviours that Crystal Children employ in order to ensure the
success of their reality creation exercises.
Most people who encounter Angela find her sweet, affection-
ate, bright and loving, but exhausting to be with. Constantly
demanding attention and stimulation. I feel that as she matures
she will settle and be able to explore who she is and her con-
tribution to the planet in more depth. And I am confident that
her loving mother will provide the safety and stability that she
The Mission of the Crystal Child
The primary mission of all Crystal Children is to advance hu-
man evolution through the ascension process. They are here to
wake us up and to show us how to live in a completely new and
different way. Just by arriving in significant numbers and hold-
ing their Crystal energy, they are helping to facilitate a shift in
the planetary energies.
But they are also here to teach multi-dimensional life skills and
empowerment. The Crystal Child is comfortable with moving
between different dimensions or phases of reality. They are not
in any way limited to the third dimensional world, although
they may have bodies and function in the third dimensional
reality. They are tuned primarily into the sixth dimension, and
they hold and bring that energy to the planet.
It is a slower energy than what is common in our reality. Crys-
tal Children only become hyperactive when they are unable to
manage the flow of the higher energies. In general, the higher
ones energy in frequency, the slower and more peaceful one
becomes. This is the whole key to managing higher frequency
energy. To understand that there is no need to rush around try-
ing to control your reality through external actions in the ma-
terial world. The multi-dimensional being knows that one ma-
nipulates reality from the higher levels through the processes of
intention and manifestation, but always in alignment with the
Higher Will.
So, Crystal Children will almost force us to slow down and be-
gin to flow energy as they do. To understand that there is plenty
of time to explore and create and experience, and that we do
not have to do anything right now, other than allow the flow of
higher energy to lead us into new and different areas of experi-
ence. And that setting an intention will be sufficient to direct
that flow of energy towards channels that will be rewarding
and enjoyable.
Empowerment is a necessary part of multi-dimensional living.
Crystal Children innately know that they do not ever have to be
victims, or to enter into dramas where they have to take on the
victim role. They know how to empower themselves through
the processes of co-creation and manifestation. But they expect
their parents to know this as well. And if parents do not co-cre-
ate with love and respect there will be problems. Fortunately,
most Crystal Children have chosen parents, usually Indigos,
who are wise enough to understand these principles already.
And the underlying principle behind this way of living is unity
consciousness. The Crystals understand this oneness. They live
it. They feel other people’s energies every time they go out the
door. They pick up anxiety and stress that is not their own. They
feel the toxins in the environment and in food. And they will
also ensure that we create a cleaner more harmonious world
that will be more comfortable for all of us.
Parenting a Crystal Child: The Con-
scious Parenting Process
Crystal Children demand to be parented in ways that are very
different from the standard parenting pattern.
Firstly, they seek to be involved in the whole incarnation/preg-
nancy process right from conception, if not before. They will fre-
quently communicate with their future parents, making certain
requests. In my experience this requests usually include things
like giving up smoking and more healthy living patterns, since
the child cannot incarnate into a maternal body that is toxic on
the physical level. There may also be requests to do Inner Child
work, to eliminate toxins on the emotional and mental levels,
before a higher frequency Crystal Child will feel safe to incar-
nate through a set of parents.
Crystal Children will only come if invited and wanted. When I
work with pregnant mothers, I always ensure that we welcome
the child to the physical realm and ensure it of love and nur-
turing, both in the pre-birth processes, and afterwards. I find it
best to have a session with the mother once a month to ensure
that all is well and to transmit any messages to the parents.
Crystal Children also demand that BOTH parents be involved
in the parenting process. I have had several messages asking
that both parents be empowered in the parenting process, that
both parents be part of nurturing and that both parents be part
of providing. This breaks the dis empowering patterns where
fathers are providers, but emotionally absent, and mothers are
nurturers but materially dis empowered and dependent. The
Crystal Child does not want to take on these patterns. Rather,
they want balanced patterns and balanced parenting.
They also want us to become more involved in ceremonial or
ritual transits in their lives. At the moment apart from pre-birth
Welcoming Rituals, we are also involved in doing Naming Cer-
emonies which include families and friends and are aimed at
honoring the name that the child has chosen. And yes, Crystal
Children always choose their own names and transmit this to
their parents in some way. So parents need to listen for names
rather than choose them! As the Crystal Children grow older
they will probably also guide us to other rituals and ceremonies
for their progress through physical life.
Different Kinds of Crystal Children
There are several different names given to the group known as
Crystal Children. These names usually refer to different kinds of
Crystal Children.
Crystal Children are sometimes called Golden Children. This is
a reference to the fact that they tend to incarnate on the gold
ray of spiritual evolution. This means that they are born with
all the knowledge and understanding of an advanced soul, and
the ability to become what we would previously have called an
avatar. An avatar is one who holds an advanced state of con-
sciousness for the planet. And with so many potential avatars
arriving, we can be sure that the planet will soon be moving to
higher levels at a rapid pace.
But Crystals can run more than one ray at a time, and many
of them also incarnate the magenta ray. These are the artists,
poets, musicians and sensitives. They are here primarily to re-
connect humans with their creative abilities. They will teach us
once more to dance, to sing, to create music, and to celebrate
the experience of multi-dimensional humanness.
I have also encountered Crystals, both child and adult, who also
run the indigo-violet and green-blue rays. These seem to be as-
sociated with healing the planet and connecting with higher
angelic dimensions of consciousness. They are the teachers
and healers of the planet.
Of course, a Crystal can run all four of these rays simultane-
ously, and be an artist, a teacher and a healer.
When a Crystal being has evolved their vehicle of conscious-
ness to the point that they can run ALL the rays associated with
earth planetary experience, then they can be called Rainbow
Crystal beings.
There are some children being born already who have the po-
tential to be Rainbow Crystals. But so far I do not know anyone
who is actually running all the Rays as yet. It is probably not
possible yet, but as with full Christ Consciousness, it is some-
thing that we are growing into as our next evolutionary step.
Their Gifts to Us: Now and Future
While we care for and parent our Crystal Children, we need to
be aware of the gifts they bring us.
They are the future, they show us what we are becoming and
their special gift is to let us know that we can become that NOW,
if we choose to allow their energies to move us to the next step
on the evolutionary ladder.
By arriving in significant numbers, the are precipitating the
transition from Indigo to Crystal, or the spiritual awakening,
of large numbers of humans already incarnated on the planet.
And there is no age limit. You can be 10 or 100, and you can
still take advantage of the Crystal energy wave. More and more
adults are being rebirthed into their Crystal Child state, and be-
coming Crystal Adults.
This can be a difficult process, but the Crystal Children hold
and support us on the energetic level, just as we are asked to
hold and support them on the physical level.
It is an exchange of wisdom. They bring us wisdom from the
future in order to show us who we are becoming. They in turn
ask us to give them what they need of the wisdom of our past,
in order to be here in this present moment of earth time.
It is a partnership, a relationship in which future and past unite
in the present moment. And at this nexus point the miracle of
ascension and evolution is happening. We are creating a New
Earth and a new species of Human Angel in this marriage of
past and future.
So, celebrate your Crystal or
Christed Child as the bearer of a
wonderful gift to you!
Golden Auras:
Human Angels and
Multi-Dimensional Consciousness
The Indigo and Crystal Children that
come to this planet are known as Starchil-
dren. Often, this is because their souls are more at home
in the stars, and they have not incarnated on Earth before.
They come at this time as a special assignment team to
assist Earth and her inhabitants with their transition and
rebirth as a higher dimensional New Earth.
But while these beings appear like ordinary human beings, they
do in fact have access to a greater range of human potential.
They are more open to who they are, closer to a recognition of
their divine origins and essence.
Indigo Children are born onto the Indigo soul ray of incarnation
and evolution. This means they have access to the gifts of clair-
voyance and healing. They are also able to access what may
be termed the Fourth and Fifth Dimensions of Consciousness,
while most humans have access only to the Third and Fourth.
This Higher Dimensional access, together with the Indigo ray
soul gifts, means that Indigos are naturally more intelligent,
more sensitive and more clairvoyant. They are also creative, and
often able to access the left and right brains with ease, making
them artistically gifted, but also technologically competent and
The Crystal Children, on the other hand, are mostly born into
the Gold ray of incarnation and evolution. They are born on
the Sixth Dimension of Consciousness, with the potential to
open up rapidly to the Ninth Dimensional level of Full Christ
Consciousness, and then from there to the Thirteenth Dimen-
sion which represents Universal Consciousness.
With these gifts and abilities, Crystal beings are immensely
powerful and creative. Many of them carry the Gold-Magenta
rays, which makes them masters of creation, especially with
light and sound. This manifests as artistic and musical creativ-
ity on the Earth plane. Those who carry the Indigo-Silver ray,
are also gifted as the mothers and goddesses of the planet, and
carry the feminine vibration of healing and nurturing. Those
on the Red-Gold ray, on the other hand, carry the masculine vi-
bration of manifestation and are often the leaders in the more
active sense.
The future Crystal Child will be known as a Rainbow Crystal
being. This is the fully developed Thirteen Dimensional Uni-
versal Human Being, able to carry and transmit all the Rays of
incarnation and evolution within their vibrational field. There
are Rainbow Crystal beings already on planet Earth, but they
are yet to open into their full potential.
The exciting thing about these evolutionary developments, for
ordinary people, is that the Indigo and Crystal beings bring
these vibrations to the planet in order to share them with oth-
ers. By their very presence, they assist others to move into
these new vibrations and open up to their full potential as well.
The Indigo-Crystal gift to the planet is the gift of evolution,
and access to our full potential, for every human being on the
planet today, if they so choose.
At this point, many people who are allowing this shift or tran-
sition within their own auric fields, have moved from their
original Third Dimensional state of awareness into the Indigo
and then the Crystal states, with the assistance of the children
who hold the vibration. These adults are now able to hold the
Gold ray of evolution in their eighth chakras, and are helping to
create a matrix for the creation of the New Earth. This pulsat-
ing gold light can be clearly seen in their auras by those with
clairvoyance and the ability to perceive auric colours.
The Human Angel
One of the gifts of this transitional process, is that humans are
becoming aware of who they truly are: that they are spirits in
human bodies, and that they are, in other words, angels in hu-
man form.
We have been aware of our connections to the higher realms for
many thousands of years, but have always felt that out human
and material state somehow shut us off from our angelic inheri-
tance. We would speak about our Higher Self, knowing that
we had access to this aspect of ourselves, but somehow it was
not quite a part of who we were, and could only be accessed in
Part of the reason for this was that our physical forms were
locked into the Third Dimension, but our Higher or Angelic self
was of a much finer and higher vibration and was more at home
in the Higher Dimensions. So there was always a gap between
the material manifestation of the human body and conscious-
ness and the spiritual reality.
Now, however, with the vibrational shift that the planet is ex-
periencing, which is aptly called ascension, the Earth and her
inhabitants have the opportunity to ascend from the Third
Dimension of consciousness upwards into the Higher Dimen-
sions. As the consciousness ascends higher, the spiritual world
comes closer, until there is no longer a gap but a continuum
that is termed Multi-Dimensional Consciousness.
In this state, the human being is able to access both the mate-
rial and spiritual realms with ease. There is no longer any need
for intense meditation, since the access to the spirit realm is
immediate and evident. People in the Multi-Dimensional state
have accessed their angelic presence or state, and recognise
themselves as spirit beings or angels who also have a human
body and are able to function in the material plane as material
At this point, the Higher Self and the lower self can be said to
have blended, and the human being is now a Human Angel.
The Human Angel is constantly aware of themselves as angel-
ic and as powerful and creative. They have no time or need
for things such as fear and victim dramas. Their time is better
spent in creating the kind of reality in which they would be
happy and content.
Many Indigo and Crystal Children are already almost at this
point of awareness, if not fully within it, as are many of the In-
digo-Crystal adults who have made the transition to this state.
It is these new beings, able to claim both their human and an-
gelic inheritances, who will create the New Earth.
It is important to state, at this point, that it is imperative that
those who make the transition into awareness of their angelic
selves, be also aware of how important it is to be human and
to be well grounded in the material dimensions or planes. The
whole point of the transition is to bring Heaven to Earth, and
not to drift away into some ungrounded paradise state.
For Human Angels there is work to do. Creating a New Earth
that will bring Heaven to Earth. And since heaven is not so
much a place as a state of consciousness, these Human Angels
must work to bring the higher dimensional states of conscious-
ness to the Earth plane. Once this is achieved, then a planetary
culture will be birthed that will respect all beings as manifesta-
tions of the Divine Essence. And this culture will reflect that
respect in its peace, harmony and creativity.
The Nature of Multi-Dimensionality
Until fairly recently, all humans born on Earth were born as
Third Dimensional beings. This means that they were fully
in the material plane or realm, and their consciousness was
locked into the Third Dimension. They functioned on the first
three chakras, the material, the emotional and the mental.
Where there was spirituality, it was usually seen as something
outside or other than normal every day functioning.
The Third Dimensional being is aware of him or herself as a
separate and unique individual. There is no real sense of the
unity or oneness of consciousness that is a factor of higher di-
mensional consciousness. Because of this sense of separation,
humans have built a society that has very little awareness of
the inter connectedness of beings and actions. And because of
this lack of awareness, humans have created a planet of sorrow
and suffering, where individuals see no need to be responsible
for their thoughts, feelings and actions. Fear of not surviving
on the individual level, because of lack of resources, has led to
greed and imbalances that need to be addressed in order to
create a stable planetary home for all humans.
The Indigo Children arrived with the key to multi-dimensional-
ity. They were born into Third Dimensional bodies, but their
consciousness was effectively in the Fourth Dimension and ca-
pable of moving into the Fifth. When this wave of Indigo con-
sciousness arrived on the planet in the early 1970s, the way
was opened for all humans and the planet itself to shift into the
Fourth Dimension.
At the Fourth Dimensional level of consciousness, humans be-
come aware of the Universal Law of One, otherwise known as
Unity Consciousness. This law states that we are all one, we
are all connected and that whatever affects one of us affects all
of us. Indigo Children carry this awareness in their conscious-
ness, and it leads them to be warriors for many causes that will
heal the Earth and stop humans from destroying and polluting
their environment and harming other humans.
The Law of One also fosters the understanding in Indigo be-
ings that we are all equal, and that no one is greater than any
other. This group consciousness and group awareness is the
path to the future for humans. We will learn to function co-op-
eratively and for the good of all if we are to create the New
Earth that we desire.
Indigos respect the talents and abilities of each individual, but
these talents do not make any one greater than anyone else.
The play of ego and self-importance has no real place in the life
of an Indigo.
When an Indigo awareness opens into the Fifth Dimension,
it becomes aware of itself as a creator. Fifth Dimensional
awareness loves to create. All the religious belief systems and
the economic systems on Earth today are Fifth Dimensional
though form creations that we hold in place by our continued
support of these thought forms. They form a Fifth Dimensional
grid around the Earth. Most lower-dimensional beings are com-
pletely unaware that their thoughts and behaviour patterns are
being controlled from this level.
When the Indigo awareness opens to this level, there is often a
rejection of all belief systems and a consciousness of the free-
dom to create new and alternative ways of thinking and be-
ing. The Indigo person takes on the planetary mission of creat-
ing and bringing in new ways of thinking and being for Planet
Earth. But, at this level the consciousness is still concerned
with dualities of good and bad, that determine what kind of
system is best for Earth. The next step in consciousness is to
move beyond duality and into a realm where all is seen as part
of the greater good and for the good of the greater whole.
This advanced state is known as Sixth Dimensional conscious-
ness, and is the realm of the Christed Child or Magical Child.
All Crystal Children are born into this level of awareness. They
have immediate access to the magical and spiritual aspects of
who they are, and are able to blend imagination and creation in
fantastic and joyous ways. If they were left to their own devic-
es, they would immediately create a magical planet. But, they
still have to deal with a largely Third Dimensional conscious-
ness, and they struggle with the patterns and behaviours that
they find here.
When an Adult Indigo consciousness makes the shift into the
Crystal state or awareness, they enter into Sixth Dimensional
awareness and the Christ Consciousness seed. They are re-
birthed, in consciousness, as a Christed or Magical child. With
this comes an awareness of the playfulness of life, and the play
of Spirit through human beings on this planet. Then all life is
seen as magical and blessed, and all life is directed and ad-
vanced through the work of spirit. At this point, the being un-
derstands the principle of surrender to the flow of the greater
evolutionary wave, while still exercising the right to be a cre-
ator on the individual level.
The Crystal consciousness, when it has matured enough at this
level, can then move into the Seventh Dimensional level, where
awareness opens onto the nature of the spiritual mission of the
being. A Crystal or Christed adult at this level is ready to take
on a planetary mission as a carrier of higher dimensional con-
sciousness to others. The work may involve teaching and heal-
ing on a grand scale, or it may simply be to carry the energy in
the auric field so that others may access the higher vibrations
in their own upwards ascension path.
The Crystal Child and Adult now carry the potential to open
fully to the Ninth level or Full Christ Consciousness. This in-
corporates the Eighth level, or Archetypal level, where the be-
ing has full control over the story of their life on earth, and the
Ninth level, where the being assumes full responsibility for
stewardship of the Planet Earth.
The potential then exists for the being to continue on the jour-
ney to the Tenth level, where the being accesses his or her Solar
System responsibilities; the Eleventh level, where the Galactic
level of consciousness is accessed and finally the Twelfth level,
where the Gold Ray of Universal Consciousness inaugurates
the being as a Full Universal Being. The Thirteenth level repre-
sents the Master, who enters into the Divine Mystery as a fully
conscious spark of the Divine Creative Essence.
An Evolutionary Leap
As can be seen from the above discussion, the Indigo-Crystal
adventure represents a huge evolutionary leap for the human
species. This is initially a huge leap in consciousness, reflected
in the auric colours and the access to multi-dimensional layers
of awareness in an individual.
But, what is manifest in the subtle or spiritual bodies must
eventually make itself manifest in the physical or Earth plane
body of each individual. And eventually, in the physical body
of the planet itself. Indigo and Crystal Children and adults are
an integral and dynamic part of the evolutionary leap into a
new and golden future.
Higher levels of consciousness, awareness of the inter connect-
edness of all things and a desire for an empowered and cre-
ative life will soon become the characteristics of all humans on
Planet Earth.
Part Two
The Adult Indigo
to Crystal Experience
The Indigo Children have been a major part of the
shifts and changes on the planet since the early 1970s.
Their very presence has been assisting the shift to
higher levels of dimensional resonance.
As more and more have incarnated, the possibilities for growth
and change in the adult population of Earth has accelerated mul-
One of the primary aspects of the Indigo mission is to awaken as
many people as possible to their true natures as Human Angels.
This is often done through their roles as systems busters and their
refusal to accept what is. But on a more gentle level, Indigos also
hold a certain frequency or consciousness that it situated at the
Fourth and Fifth Dimensions. This frequency, as it grounded on
the planet through the increasing field as more and more Indigos
incarnated into bodies, enabled humans already on the planet
to grow exponentially and enter into higher levels of conscious-
The Harmonic Convergence event of 1987, was largely made pos-
sible by the raised frequency of energy that had been introduced
by the Indigo consciousness arriving on the planet in the first
wave of the 1970s.
This is not to say that the Indigos were responsible for the Har-
monic Convergence. This was a multidimensional, co-created
event, which marked the emergence of humans as responsible
for their own destiny and the future of their planet. The Indigos
themselves were too young to have organised that event, most
of them being about 17 or 18 at the time. But their raised con-
sciousness held a field that enabled adults on a spiritual path to
awaken and enter into their full potential much faster than was
ever thought possible without the intervention of the Indigo con-
The Indigo souls were therefore a gift from the stars. They came
from the Pleiades, from Sirius, from Arcturus and many other
places, bringing with them an accelerated and higher wave of
soul energy to accelerate the evolutionary process on Earth so
that humans might avoid the negative thought form energies of
Armageddon that had been pre-programmed to set off massive
Earth changes. This pre-set program could then be replaced with
another set of thought forms and energies conducive to rebuild-
ing the planet into a form that would be a home for human angels,
spirit beings who wished to hold material form and experience
material life as part of their ongoing evolution.
The processes in the solar system itself were also optimal for this
emergence, as the end of a 26,000 year cycle known as the pre-
cession of the equinoxes was about to be reached, as well as the
end of the Mayan and Egyptian calendars. This signified a major
turning point in Evolution could be activated at this moment if
the conditions were right on Planet Earth.
The Indigo mission was to ensure conditions were right and hu-
mans would accept the Higher Dimensional wave when it hit,
and not allow it to just go right by them. So, Indigos have worked
very hard to enable the flood of light that has entered the plan-
et since the 1970s and 80s. Their very presence among us has
been an enabling factor. They have held us into and through the
And then came the Crystal Children...
Around 1998 the first wave of Crystal Children began to arrive.
These were inter dimensional souls who were most at home in
the Sixth Dimension. They introduced to the Earth the frequency
of the Sixth Dimension. This new frequency was an intense carri-
er of the Love Vibration frequency of creation. The intention was
for this new frequency to override and cancel the intense fear
frequency that was predominant on Earth. This fear frequency
would most likely trigger off the Armageddon scenarios if it were
left to continue among humans without intervention.
This Love Vibration frequency was carried on the Gold Ray, and
the Crystal Children introduced more and more of the Gold Ray
to the planet as more and more of them were birthed. This hap-
pened through 2000 to 2002 and continues into the present as
more and more arrive.
The Love Vibration is intensely creative, and will shift a being
who is open to its frequency very rapidly into his or her heart
space and then on up to the higher frequencies of the Sixth Di-
But who was ready? Apparently many people were. The Indigos
had done their work well, and had held the Fourth and Fifth Di-
mensional frequencies, enabling many people who were born as
ordinary Third Dimensional beings to rapidly evolve and shift into
the Fourth Dimension.
Out of this shift in consciousness came the teaching of Ascen-
sion and the Light Body. Humans were being prepared for the
even more rapid and significant shift that would occur when the
Crystal Children arrived in sufficient number to begin accelerat-
ing humans into the Sixth Dimensional field of the Gold Ray or
Love Vibration. And from there into their Christed being or Christ
This process of awakening and rapid shifting began in 2001, as
the first pioneers who were ready began the rapid shift. It was an
experiment in rapid evolution, and those who led the way were
catapulted into a rapid process of detoxification and healing. This
event processed many thousands of years of toxic thoughts and
patterns, and lifted them to new levels of love and creativity.
But it was not an easy transit, as the higher these beings went,
the more the pull back down from the collective consciousness,
(which was still largely anchored in the Third and Lower Fourth
Dimensions) was exerted. So, what was noticed was a rather er-
ratic swinging between dimensions that created imbalance and
anxiety in those brave souls who were leading the way. The pro-
cess was irreversible, as the Crystal Children held the energy and
assisted the transitioning adults to find their new level.
This transition process is ongoing, and even those who have made
the transition still have to work to hold their energy at this new
frequency against the magnetic pull from the lower frequencies
held by most of the population. But as more and more transition,
and more and more Crystal Children arrive, the issue of critical
mass will make it ever easier for others to make their transition in
an easier way.
Going into Transition: Symptoms and
The Indigo to Crystal transition happens when a being is ready to
leave the Indigo vibration and transition to the higher, or Crystal,
vibrational level. This process is not under the control of the con-
scious mind, or the left brain, but is activated by the soul. When
the soul determines the being is ready, the process begins. As
a result, many people who are on a spiritual path might not yet
have begun to transition, and conversely, some people who find
themselves experiencing the transition may not be particularly
spiritual in outlook.
The key here is the soul and the vibrational frequency level. When
you are ready you will transition, and as more and more people
transition it becomes faster and easier.
But there are several symptoms that recognisably belong to peo-
ple in the transitional process. These will be listed here to assist
those who may be going through this process to understand what
is happening to them.
Because of the intensity of the process, many people feel that
they are ill, or having a breakdown, and many seek medical ad-
vice for ailments that have no apparent medical source. Others
seek relief by being prescribed anti-depressants or tranquilizers,
which have no real effect on the process.
Because the process includes intense detoxification and cleans-
ing on the physical, emotional and mental levels, accompanied
often by anxiety, fatigue and depression, many people think they
are ill, depressed or have M.E. None of these are true, this is mere-
ly an intense and accelerated spiritual transition that places great
stress on the resources of the being for a while.
These are the symptoms of your transition to the
Crystal of Human Angel consciousness.
There are people who make the transition in a relatively gentle
way, but many do experience a crisis when this happens. These
are usually the people who have chosen to open up to the high-
er dimensions. This choice is not made logically by the rational
mind, but is rather a soul choice made in response to the avail-
able transitional energies of the Earth herself. So, sometimes a
person is thrust into psychological, emotional and bodily changes
for which they can find no logical explanation. This can cause a
crisis. My experience has been that orthodox doctors and psy-
chologists are of very little help as they have no idea of what the
person is experiencing. When tests come back negative, the per-
son is often considered to be hysterical or ungrounded or even
This transition often happens to people who have been on spiri-
tual paths and are better equipped to handle the shifts. My expe-
rience is also that Indigo Children, no matter what their state of
spiritual awareness, are particularly vulnerable to the spontane-
ous experience of transition or breakthrough to the awareness of
higher dimensions. I must also add that the use of any kinds of
drugs, fairly common among Indigo adolescents, quite often pre-
cipitates this transitional crisis before the person is really ready to
deal with the effects.
Below is a list of the symptoms experienced in the process of cri-
sis or breakthrough:
• Sudden extreme sensitivity to people and environments. A
person who has previously been sociable and active suddenly
finds they can’t bear to be in shopping malls or other crowded
• An increase in psychic ability and awareness. This most of-
ten manifests in the ability to almost hear the inner thoughts and
feelings of others. This can be disconcerting if the person imag-
ines that everyone else can also read their thoughts and feelings.
Also an extreme sensitivity to negative energy in certain environ-
ments or people, including the inability to tolerate certain people
who had previously been close.
• Panic or anxiety attacks. This increased sensitivity can lead
to panic attacks or anxiety attacks. These can occur at any time,
even when the person wakes up at night. Often there is no valid
reason for the attack, although the person will often seek to find
a reason.
• Zoning or spacing out. The person might also find themselves
zoning out for long periods of time, just wanting to sit and do
nothing. This can be irritating to someone who has previously
been very energetic and active. This is just the consciousness ad-
justing to spending more time in the higher dimensions and less
time in the 3rd and 4th dimensions. Related to this is the need to
rest and sleep for far longer than previously, and a general slow-
ing down.
• Obsessive anxieties about humans being destroyed (by pol-
lution, lack of resources, aliens, technology, etc). This is be-
cause multi-dimensional consciousness can access all levels of
the group mind, including that part which holds the fears and
anxieties about the survival of the species. Since the person is
often concerned about their own survival, they tend to resonate
with this part of the group mind or morphogenetic field.
• An obsessive need to understand what is happening. This
can lead to the mind becoming overactive and the person fearing
they are losing their mind or suffering from burn-out. Also a fear
of going mad and being unable to cope with everyday life in the
future can be felt. Again, psychologists and doctors seem unable
to offer help.
• Depression for no reason, or related to the crisis state.
This is often just the consciousness clearing out old layers of en-
ergy that need to be released. It is not necessary to process or
relive the experience, just allow the body to release the energy.
Have patience with the process and know that it will pass.
• Disrupted sleep patterns, often waking up to three times a
night, often about 3am. Again this is just the consciousness adapt-
ing to new cycles of activity. Higher consciousness is often more
active at night since the lower dimensions are quiet at this time.
• Feeling strange electrical energy waves through the body.
The Crystal body is incredibly sensitive, and feels solar and lu-
nar waves, cosmic waves, and energies from the galactic centre.
Often these energies are assisting in the process of rewiring the
body to carry higher energies. Speaking from experience, I know
how uncomfortable this can be. But the body eventually accli-
mates to dealing with these energy waves. You will probably find
them to be more intense around full moon. The best way I have
found of dealing with this phenomenon is to go outside and stand
barefoot on the ground and imagine the energy running through
your body and into the earth.
• A whole range of physical sensations and experiences,
usually related to detoxification may be felt. The Crystal body
holds no toxins, but allows everything to pass through it. In fact
the eventual trick to being Crystal is just to allow everything to
pass through and hold onto nothing, the ultimate state of de-
tachment. At this stage the body needs to release years of toxic
waste, whether physical, emotional or mental The release is al-
ways through the physical body, which presents symptoms such
as intense fatigue, muscle and joint pains (especially in the hips
and knees), headaches, (especially at the base of the skull), and
neck and shoulder pains.
• Dizziness and spaciness.This is because you are in higher
states of consciousness. You need to get used to being at these
levels and staying grounded at the same time. These sensations
tend to increase with solar flares and full moons as well.
• Increased appetite and putting on weight. This is because
the body needs huge amounts of energy to power this process.
• The ability to see beyond the veils. That is, to become aware
of spirits, devas, ETs and angels as a reality, and to communicate
with them. This can be very frightening if the person is not accus-
tomed to this kind of other dimensional awareness.
Coping Skills for the Transition
The best advice I can give is to be accepting of the process and do
not resist. My own transition has been going on for nearly three
years. I found the key to be acceptance. I kept hoping I was going
to wake up one day and feel normal again. It was only when I ac-
cepted I would never again feel normal as I had known it, that I
was better able to feel more comfortable in my new space and to
cope better. Then you can begin to explore the adventure or the
positive side of this new state.
Below are some tips for dealing with the transitional
• Be at peace with what is happening to your being. You are
becoming a Crystal being. Another term for this is a Christed be-
ing, which refers to a multidimensional being with full access to
nine dimensions, and maybe even thirteen. My experience at this
point is that some people only open to 5D, others go through to
6D. If you make it through to 6D then you will probably achieve
full 9D awareness in this lifetime, if not in the very near future.
What a privilege and a blessing!
• Be kind to yourself and nurture yourself. Remember, as a
Crystal being you carry an equal balance of the mother energy
and the father energy. The mother says, nurture yourself as you
would a new-born baby, for in fact that is what you are. You will
need time to grow in strength and learn the skills of your new en-
vironment. Trust is very important here. I made the transition as a
single, self-supporting person in my own business with very little
resources. I was terrified that my physical state would prevent
me from earning enough to survive. But I was held though the
process, and still have my home and I have always had enough,
although there have been some close calls.
• Don’t take drugs of any kind if you can help it. Obviously
if you are on medication for your health then you will need to
continue. But do not take recreational drugs of any kind, these
will aggravate the process and you could get lost out there in the
higher dimensions. Also try to cope without anti-depressants or
tranquilizers, although, again, if you are on these you will need
medical advice and should not just stop them. The best path to
take is to use homeopathic and naturopathic medicine, and I have
found that Flower Essences are very helpful as well.
• Avoid crowds and crowded places. I have perfected the art of
the weekly one hour shopping blitz in order to care for my needs
while not spending too long in tiring and toxic environments.
Gradually you will be able to tolerate more and more exposure to
these environments. The key here, of course, is to hold your own
peace and harmony so strongly, that instead of being affected
by the environment, you affect the environment in positive ways.
The Crystal person always holds and carries positive energy, but
you will learn to use it in incredibly powerful ways once you have
gained your balance and are able to move among people again
with ease.
• Stay grounded and centred. This can be very challenging for
those who are acclimating to higher dimensional awareness. You
will often feel dizzy and spaced. Try to pay full attention to the
physical and grounded aspects of life. The key here is to spend
time on exercise, walking, food and artistic occupations. Don’t
spend hours in front of the TV or lost in computer games. These
will only serve to increase the ungroundedness.
• Spend as much time as you can outside in nature. You will
find spending time in fresh air and sunlight will assist to strength-
en the new bodies. Also the devas are there to support your pro-
• Eat simply! Eat as much fresh vegetables and fruit as possible.
I have been told by guidance that brown rice and vegetables are
the best kind of food for this new body. But more recently I have
moved on to fresh fish and organic vegetables. I find this diet
energising and balancing for me, but each person who makes
the transition will eventually have to decide what foods are best
for their bodies. My intuitive advice is to eat fresh and organic if
possible. There will be less toxins for your body to process. How-
ever, indulge your cravings, mine have ranged from calamari to
chocolate cake. This is not the time to diet. Your body needs huge
amounts of nourishment to fuel the processes you are passing
though. You may even put on weight, but you will need to accept
this as part of the transition.
• Finally - Celebrate your transition. You are becoming a Ga-
lactic human, the next step in human evolution! You are entering
into your birthright.
Part Two
Becoming Lighter:
The Adult Crystal Body
and the New Energies
Once a person has made the transition from Third Di-
mensional reality through to the Indigo state and then
to the Crystal state, they will find that life is very differ-
ent. This chapter is written to assist those who are in
the Indigo to Crystal transition, and also those who have
completed their transition.
Many struggle to find ways of coping with the new way of life.
The first key is to understand the Crystal way of life is very differ-
ent from the old Third Dimensional way of life, and you cannot
go on living as you did previously. There are certain changes that
must happen as you become lighter in body, mind and spirit. You
are becoming light itself, as you assume your conscious role as
a Human Angel.
The Human Angel or Crystal body is lighter than the old human
body. It carries and transmits more light at higher frequencies.
It also transmits the new multi-dimensional frequencies to assist
others to begin their transition as well. But when we say “lighter”
we don’t necessarily mean in weight. Many Crystal Children and
Adults are fairly solid and stocky. This keeps them grounded and
here in their bodies. The lightness is the ability of the physical
form to hold and transmit light at high frequencies.
In this chapter I will discuss how lightness may be expressed on
the Physical, Emotional/Mental and Spiritual Levels.
The Physical Body
At this level there are two aspects which are vitally important in
maintaining the health of the physical vehicle. These are diet and
exercise. Many of you will say that you don’t feel like exercising,
in fact all you want to do is sleep. But exercise can help you to
break through this to a more balanced way of life.
DIET: The principle of eating in the New Energy is to eat as
close to the source of light as possible. This means eating high
on the food chain. Primarily plant food is excellent since plants
transmute light into glucose for human consumption via the pro-
cess of photosynthesis. So eating fruit and vegetables, fresh and
organic if possible, is more likely to ensure that your physical food
is a good source of light.
We have also found that the Crystal body seems to need a great
deal of protein. But this should be vegetable sourced protein if
possible-legumes, beans, lentils and chick peas. If you practice
food combining (don’t mix protein with carbohydrates) you will
find these foods quite easy to digest.
Try to eliminate from your diet those foods which are heavy and
dead in terms of their light value, such as processed and conve-
nience foods. Also avoid alcohol, sweets, caffeine drinks and tea
and coffee. Drink lots of pure clean water and herbal teas.
You will find as you become more accustomed to your Crystal
state, the need to simplify your life and your diet will strengthen.
You will begin to enjoy eating at this very simple and light level.
Your body will respond by having more energy and being more
grounded when intense surges of energy pass through. This is
because you will now have the physical strength and resilience
to deal with the high frequency energy as it passes through your
The principle of simplicity has also been emphasized by the Crys-
tal Children themselves in channelled material. It also makes
sense to select your food according to ethical and moral princi-
ples, such as only eating what you need, and not eat beyond this
point. Also select foods that are grown or farmed in ways that are
in accord with your new understanding of the inter connected-
ness of all things. Try to minimize the suffering and exploitation
in the food chain. It may be a small gesture on your part, but it
will create an energy pattern that others may follow.
Conscious living means being conscious of all that you consume.
Conscious of how it was produced and conscious of how it came
to you. Making these kinds of choices means we are interested in
the state of the planet and all the sentient beings that live on her,
and we recognise our individual choices can make a difference to
the whole.
EXERCISE: Using your physical body in exercise is also im-
portant in the Crystal state. Because the Crystal energy is so pow-
erful on the spiritual and mental/emotional levels, the body must
be kept toned and healthy.
You cannot live in your head and spend your life in front of a TV
set or a computer. If you do these things at all, then they must be
balanced by physical exercise.
If you do not exercise your body, the power of the Crystal energy
moving through you will ensure you become and remain spaced
and out of touch with reality.
I often have to counsel people to make a conscious effort to re-
turn to their bodies and begin being present in their own lives.
Some people spend years in this twilight state because they are
not aware that all that is required is to strengthen the physical
body so it can ground the Crystal energy.
The exercise does not have to be frantic or regimented, it can be
as light as walking or swimming for half an hour. But it must be
regular and consistent.
For those who are more interested in different forms of exercise, I
would recommend the following:
• Yoga: this is my own personal favorite. Yoga is an excellent
way of toning the body and ensuring good energy flows through
breathing. If you practice 20 minutes of yoga a day on waking,
you will find a big difference in your ability to handle the energetic
demands of the day.
• Pilates: A gentler form of exercise, also good for focussing the
energy into the body and dealing with the spaciness.
• Tai Chi: Also good for body tone and suppleness, and for focus-
sing and moving energy through the body.
• Soul Walking: This is a form of exercise developed by a friend
of mine who is an Indigo with ADHD. It involves being in nature
and fully paying attention to where you are and what you see. The
principle is to take your soul for a walk and bring your body along.
Its not about moving great distances or working up a sweat, but
about being present in the moment and observing what is hap-
pening around you. Being in the flow of the moment. This is a
good way to ensure that you stay focused in your body and are
grounded and calm.
The Emotional/Mental Bodies
As we move deeper into the New Energies, our former way of life
is crumbling away. We are becoming aware that so much of what
we assumed would always be there, no longer is. We are seeing
the illusions we built our former way of life upon, and we are mov-
ing away from them and into freedom.
As we do this, we often experience sadness and loss as we let
go of things which were central to our lives. And we experience
symptoms of depression and anxiety.
Equally, the chaos all around us intensifies as people who are still
unawakened become more and more confused and frightened.
Some Crystal people are sensitive to this unresolved fear, and may
pick it up and be affected by its intensity.
We are being trained by Spirit to exist or be in a new way.
It is a way of complete trust and reliance on the guidance of Spirit
and the Angelic realm. And a way of releasing the need for ego to
be in control.
We have to Let Go and Let God, as the saying goes.
This is difficult for many people, but the more you resist the
changes the more difficult they become. The more you allow the
changes, the more they tend to flow.
As Crystal beings we need to practice habits of affirmative and
conscious thinking. This means living in an awakened and con-
scious way. We must be conscious of what we are thinking, doing
and saying at any given time and how this affects both ourselves
and those with whom we come into contact.
So many people are living in morose and depressed and fear-filled
states. The Crystal being knows that these are illusions based on
fear. When you are in your higher consciousness, seek to express
what you truly are-love, joy, harmony and peace. Let your pres-
ence be a blessing to each person that you meet. Allow the light
that is in you to transmute the fear that is in them.
In order to function this way we have to develop mental and emo-
tional habits of affirmative and trust filled thinking and feeling.
My own personal mantra is taken from a medieval mystic called
Julian of Norwich, who always affirmed that All is Well-All man-
ner of things will be well. This is a statement of trust that no
matter what happens, there is a higher plan that will work for the
highest good. It is our role to allow that plan to unfold no matter
what it is.
Remember also the lines from the Desiderata: You are a child of
the Universe, no less than the trees and the stars, you have a right
to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the uni-
verse is unfolding as it should.
The Spiritual Level
The challenge for Crystal people now is to live the truth of their
Multi-Dimensional spirituality.
To be light in heart, mind and spirit.
In order to be light in the New Energy, you must have recognised
and come to terms with both your own shadow energy and that
of the Human Collective. This recognition should also be accom-
panied by a deep compassion and love both for yourself and for
Owning your own shadow will allow you to understand why
there is so much fear in the world, and also to understand how
holding your own shadow in balance can help to heal and shift
that fear. Every individual that opens their heart to compassion
and moves beyond fear helps to heal the greater consciousness
of humanity.
Once you live beyond fear, you can live in the eternal present and
truly experience the power of the Now moment. You will flow
and change with the greater flows. And the Crystal being is sensi-
tive to the shifts in the energies, and trusts and allows and indeed
facilitates the changes.
Finally, the Crystal being knows the whole purpose of our evolu-
tion is to explore who and what we are and can become.
In order to fully experience reality we need to become creative
and playful in the way in which we live and think and are.
Exploring our creative potential will be the next big adventure in
the development of the Crystal Consciousness!
Newly birthed Human Angels,
spread your wings and
allow yourselves to fly!
Part Two
Multi-Dimensional Reality:
Tools for a New Way of Living
As Crystal Beings pass through this process of transition and
ascension into multi-dimensional reality, they are switching
on their light bodies and ascending into new ways of living
and being. They are becoming multi-dimensional, and capable
of functioning at higher frequencies of conscious awareness.
As they break through to these new levels, many of them are
finding themselves without the tools for managing the very real
physical and emotional dilemmas that are a daily part of the
break-through into multi-dimensional living. It is not easy. The
adults who are making the shift are, in effect, writing the script
for others to follow. This is a new evolutionary step, and each
step forward is literally breaking new ground.
In this chapter, I will offer some tools for managing daily life as
a Crystal Being.
The Heart is the Key
In a very real sense, the heart chakra is the key and the gateway
to multi-dimensionality. If the heart is not open, you will not be
able to ascend to higher levels of consciousness.
The three keys to opening the heart chakra can be described as:
• Follow Your Passion: Nothing locks us out of the sparkling
dance of light found at the higher dimensions more effectively
than habitually following a way of life because we have always
done so, or because it is expected of us.
When we are truly free, we are able to comprehend our freedom
and to choose to express ourselves in ways that resonate with
who we truly are.
Because so many of us are living habitual lives, we often need to
take time out to discover what our passions are, before we can
follow them. This is why so many people are dropping out of ca-
reers and taking time to re-define who they are and how they live.
The New Earth will be filled with passionate people creating joy!
But this takes time, and we need to give ourselves all the time we
need to find our passions and our joy and to heal the wounds that
prevent us from being our essential passionate self.
• Listen To Your Inner Voice, Your Intuition: I often think this is
the true meaning of the concept of the return of the Goddess, the
feminine energy. In our old energy lives, we were taught to listen
to our ego, to the rational voice of the parent. This voice told us
to disregard our joy and conform to what was expected of us, in
order to fit in and be safe.
Ironically, when we listen to the inner voice of the Higher Self, we
are always safe. But we have to re-learn this skill and the trust in
this skill. When we allow our inner voice to be our guide, the mir-
acles will happen. The Inner Voice is the Goddess within. Allow
her to lead, and she will show you the dance of light. And then
your ego/rational self can build the structures to support your
new reality. To do this we need to be aware of the cues from high-
er reality, for our higher aspects will talk to us in dreams, through
other people, books, animals or events in our lives. We need to
start reading the messages again. Being consciously aware of the
ripples in our reality that have information or messages for us.
• Practice Compassion, Tolerance and Understanding: Those
with open hearts are always willing to listen to others and un-
derstand that others are a mirror of our current reality. If we can
move pass anger, distrust and aggression, into a place of empa-
thy and understanding, we will truly open the heart chakra.
The key is to understand that the other person is an aspect of you
and your reality. How you manage and react to other people is a
mirror of how you treat yourself and your reality. When you are
able to treat yourself with nurturing love and compassion, only
then will you be able to treat others in the same way. So, be kind
to yourself, and the rest will follow.
Speaking Your Truth, The Ladder To
The Stars
Speaking our truth is the function of a healthy throat chakra. This
is our ladder to higher dimensions. It will allow us to ascend to
higher states of consciousness and create a link between the
higher frequencies and our material reality.
Often the mood swings and mental spaciness that transitioning
people feel, is a result of rapid shifts between dimensions where
there is no ladder. We literally fall between dimensions, and feel
exhausted and disorientated. Building a ladder that can take us
up and bring us down is important.
This also relates to the concept of grounding multi-dimensional
reality. If we do not ground ourselves, we can become lost in a
dream world that has no way of linking to the material world. The
throat chakra creates the fifth-dimensional bridge that we need.
The two key concepts here are:
• Emotional Honesty and Openness: Be willing to express your
feelings…all of them…no manipulative games or hidden agendas.
As we become more in touch with our feelings and our heart
chakras open fully, it will be impossible to play manipulative
games anyway. People will intuitively understand the motivations
of others without them ever needing to be expressed.
Linked to this is self-awareness. We need to be aware of our sub-
conscious patterns of manipulation and control, and be willing to
release them for more healthy patterns of acceptance and flow.
We need to be willing to allow the miracle of life to unfold with-
out needing to control and force our expectations on others or on
• Receiving the Truth of Others: It is equally important, when
building this ladder, to be able to receive the truth of others with-
out judgement. We must truly listen, which is the receptive or fem-
inine aspect of the act of speaking.
For this ladder is one we cannot build alone. It is a co-creation
project. We build it for ourselves, but we invite others to share it
and in turn to build ladders for others.
In this way we are enabled to reach to ever higher levels of con-
sciousness as a group, which is The Path of Conscious Evolution.
Part Three
Living Beyond Illusion:
Conscious Reality
One of the major results of the Indigo-Crystal Transition,
or the Ascension process, has been that humans have be-
gun to awaken in large numbers. They have begun to re-
alise they create their own reality through their thoughts
and desires.
To be conscious and awake means to be fully aware of
what you think and do at all times, since the quality of your
thoughts will determine the quality of your reality.
Humans have always been the creators of their own truth or
reality. But in their unconscious or asleep state, they have
been unaware of this truth. They have forgotten who and
what they are. Especially, that they are powerful creators of
thought forms that can become realities.
When a human being awakens and becomes conscious, they
also become aware that they are now responsible not only
for their own reality, but also for the collective reality that we
create daily on the planet. A conscious human being lives
with an awareness not only of their own well-being, but also
of that of other humans and of the planet as a whole.
The Collective Consciousness
and Reality Creation:
The Illusion of the Old Paradigm
Humans who live entirely within Third Dimensional reality
live with a consciousness of reality that is extremely limited,
and is compared to being asleep or unconscious. In this
state they imagine they are separate, alien individuals, and
are unable to see humans are connected not only to each
other, but to the planet on which they live.
Every human alive is connected to every other human
through the Collective Consciousness field. This is a shared
energy field where all the ideas and beliefs, past ,present
and future, are stored. All humans have access to this, al-
though not all humans are even aware of its existence. Only
a conscious, aware and awake human understands the pow-
erful reality of the Collective Consciousness, and how it re-
lates to each one of us. Our shared reality is created through
the Collective Consciousness. Those who are conscious and
awake are able to consciously direct energy and ideas into
and through the Collective Consciousness, to facilitate the
process of Conscious Evolution or ascension that is bringing
changes to the Planet at this time. To be a Conscious Reality
Creator at this time is to be totally aware of your own contri-
bution to this process of Conscious Evolution.
In the Old Third Dimensional Paradigm of Reality, humans
lived without any awareness of the Collective Conscious-
ness and how they contributed to it in their various life-
3D humans have a very linear consciousness. As a
result, after several lifetimes a human would forget what he
or she had created in a former lifetime. On being reincarnat-
ed, they would imagine that whatever reality stories they
were taught were true and absolute and were handed down
from higher sources.
But, in effect, humans themselves have created the gods
and angels and creators and ascended masters. They are
merely aspects of our Higher Consciousness that we en-
counter in the dream time of Higher Dimensions of reality
beyond the Third Dimension. Those who journeyed in the
Dream time were known as prophets, masters and teach-
ers, and their teachings became sacred scriptures and their
prophecies and teaching became sacred truth. In time, hu-
mans began to revere these teachings and they forgot that
they too could walk in the dream time and bring back truth
if they so desired. They lost track of the fact that truth and
teachings were ongoing revelations, and they became stuck
in old teachings and old versions of human reality which
they called religion.
Sadly, many humans began to give their power away to
such teachings. They forgot who they were, and that they
had the power to call forth new teachings and new ideas as
they evolved.
Third dimensional humans became trapped in the thought
forms, ideas or systems that they had created in former lives.
They called these systems religion, economics, politics, his-
tory, philosophy etc, and they allowed them to dictate how
their lives would be. They forgot that they had created these
forms, and that they could change them. Instead they be-
came enslaved to them, and so became dis empowered and
unhappy. This was when the Starchildren were called in,
to help to break out of these entrenched ideas and thought
forms and allow for new energies and ideas.
One of the aspects of the thought form called religion, is that
it created a global thought form which we term a Termina-
tion Program. This was the belief that at some point in the
future, human society would be terminated in a violent way.
In some scenarios, this included the violent destruction of
the planet. In others scenarios, a vengeful god was punish-
ing humans for their evil and sinful ways. This Termination
Program was generally set for the end of the Twentieth-Cen-
tury and the beginning of the Twenty-first. The period where
we are now.
The Starchildren have helped us to wake up rapidly, take
responsibility for what we have created, and to resist and re-
place the Termination Programs with what might be called
a Continuation Program. They have helped us to release our-
selves from this drama of our own creation, and to begin to
replace it with the vision of the New Earth.
The following is a channelled message that was received
from the Crystal Children about this switch over in our real-
ity creation:
A Message from the Crystal Children to the Peo-
ple of Planet Earth through Celia Fenn
Dear People of Planet Earth,
We, the Crystal Children, are arriving among you in signifi-
cant numbers. We have come to assist you to birth the New
Earth. It is time. But while we work so hard to hold and bring
in the new energy, we want you to understand the energy
dynamics on the Earth at the present. So many of you won-
der why nothing seems to move any more, and why you feel
so tired and unhappy. You cannot seem to connect with your
guides and angels, and you do not know which way to turn
any more.
We want you to know that those of you who are Lightwork-
ers, and the Indigo-Crystal beings, have all grown incredibly
fast. Many of you have opened up to become multi-dimen-
sional and fully awake beings. This rapid growth has tak-
en its toll on you, and we urge you to relax and rest, in this
phase you are not required so much to grow, as to be fully
aware of what is happening around you.
In this message we want to explain to you what is happen-
ing to the Earth at the moment, and how we are here to help
you in this time. As more and more of us arrive, it becomes
easier for us and you to hold the energy of a New Earth.
Programmed to Self-Destruct? We want you to understand
that the Earth was programmed to self-destruct at this
By whom? Well, by you yourselves, although it happened a
long time ago, and you have probably forgotten in your long
journey of incarnation.
The most powerful program running at the moment is the
Christian Armageddon programme. In the Christian Bible it
is prophesied that there will be a time called the Last Days
and then there will be a final global war that will bring great
destruction, hardship, poverty and death.
Then there are other programs and calendars that indicate
that this is the time of the end and that humanity will now
suffer destruction and violent ending.
Part of the Christian and New Age programs includes the ar-
rival of a planet called Wormwood or Nibiru, that will trigger
great cataclysm and destruction for the human race.
These programs are all based on a belief that humans are
basically bad and destructive, and that they will eventually
destroy themselves. Eventually having become now!
We, the Crystal Children, want you to understand that these
programs do not have to become reality. They do not come
from a Higher Source, they come from your own Collective
You are the creators of your own reality, and you have
created these programs.
We, the Crystal Children, have come to show you it is time
to release these programs which engender fear and replace
them with new programs of renewal and rebirth.
The Three Questions and the Thought Form War
There are three questions that we would like to pose and
discuss with you:
• Can you understand that these programs that you hold
and fear are not inevitable truths? They are nothing more
than thought forms that have gained power by being fed
energy over many thousands of years.
• Can you understand that these thought forms are running
and controlling you?
• Can you understand that you created these thought forms
and that you can CHANGE them?
At this very time, there is a war being fought on a very deep
level in your Collective Consciousness between the old
thought forms of termination, and the new thought forms of
rebirth and renewal.
If you had been left to your own devices, you would prob-
ably have achieved the termination of the planet by now.
But there were those among you who grew and began to un-
derstand that this was not necessary. And so help was sent,
through the advanced souls of the Starchildren, who would
help you to resist this termination frequency that feeds on
fear, and replace it with a creative frequency based on love.
The New Earth does not have to birth through destruction
and fear, it can be a peaceful progression in which one way
of being is replaced by another. We, the Crystal Children,
have come to ensure that this can be so.
The End is not an inevitability
By now there are many awakened humans on the planet
who understand that religion is a powerful force. Religion
grew up around the human need to understand the sacred
and the numinous aspects of life. It began as a celebration
of human life and its relationship to Nature and the All That
But over time it became a control system based on fear. It
began to teach you that you were somehow bad and evil,
and that life in spirit was so much better than life in a human
body. And because of that you began to be dissatisfied with
earth life, wanting to be in spirit rather. You lost your hold on
your own physical and material reality since you had also
lost the joy of material life. You allowed disease and shorter
lives, because in truth you did not want to be on earth any
You invented concepts such as sin and karma to explain
why life was indeed so difficult and why you were trapped
here, when you would rather be in spirit. These you added to
your religions, and they became part of your system of belief
about why you were here.
You also began to separate out from the planet, and to see
the planet as worthless, since it too was material, and as you
despised material life you despised the Planet and so began
to see it as sick and worn out and needing to be terminated
as well. And so you began to prophesy the end so you would
be free.
But the irony is you were never trapped. You wanted to be
here, you just forgot that fact when you arrived on earth and
were told how bad you were and how sick the earth was.
It is time to realise these stories are not true and you do not
need to feel caught up in these belief systems.
Please understand, dear ones, that YOU created religion and
religious belief, and that the angels and higher beings who
worked with you were no more than aspects of your Higher
Selves in the collective. They were manifestations of YOU in
When you channel material, you are connecting with the
Highest Source of information of the Collective of Planet
Understand Spirit has always had a difficult relationship
with material manifestation and materiality. Spirit does not
always understand human experience, and when you de-
cide that you want to be free of material life and the planet
itself, then your angels will assist you to set up this scenario
in thought form so that it can become reality.
This is why so many of you find your guides and angels are
not connecting with you these days. That aspect of your-
selves is now no longer sure what it is humans want. It is
waiting to see whether you will opt for termination, as origi-
nally planned, or whether you will opt for continuation of
the Planet Earth programme in the form of renewal.
But YOU have to decide and YOU have to make the choices!
The Higher Aspects called angels await YOUR DECISION as
to where you will be and what you want for your planet.
We are here to help ensure enough people make the choice
for continuation. With each Crystal Child that is born, an-
other vote for continuation is registered in the collective. We
want you to know there are already sufficient continuation
votes to constitute a critical mass vote. This can create the
path to a New Earth, even now.
How the Thought Forms Run You
The termination programs have not succeeded because
there are enough Lightworkers and Indigo-Crystal Children
here to hold the balance.
But we want you to be aware that unless you are AWAKE,
these programmes can still run you, they generate certain
emotions and feelings designed to trigger mass despair and
eventually, mass suicide, as it were, as you as humans get
ready to run your final Armageddon scenarios.
These thought forms lie in the Human Collective Conscious-
ness, and are given power from there. You may not be aware
of them in your everyday life, but because we are all con-
nected through the group or Collective Consciousness, these
ideas will be triggering in our subconscious all the time.
This is often the source of the stress and anger and despair
that many humans feel at this time.
People feel that there is not enough for their needs, they fear
disease and death, they fear old age, they battle to maintain
relationships and are generally exhausted. They are feeling
the effects of the termination program as it says THE END.
No, it is not THE END. It is in fact a New Beginning. It should
be a time of rejoicing and celebration. But we understand
how so many of you are still struggling with the effects of
your termination programmes.
But do not let these programmes run you. You must become
aware there is a different future and you can make different
choices for NOW and for the FUTURE.
We want you to understand the Middle East was the birth-
place of many of these thought forms of termination, and
the Middle East continues to be the place where these ideas
are still running at full force. Many of you wait in uneasiness
for World War III and the final Armageddon.
Please understand you do not have to fuel this reality. As
more and more people make the choice for continuation, the
NEED for the Middle East conflict will drop away, as will
the conflict itself. The conflict is only necessary because the
thought forms program for Armageddon requires it to be
Creating the New Thought Forms
We, the Crystal Children, are here to help you to create a new
thought form energy based on rebirth and renewal. It may
be a slow process, depending on how many people hold the
energy and how many Crystal Children are born, but it will
succeed. The critical moment has already passed.
We want you to recall how many of you went through a tre-
mendous spiritual growth spurt between 2000 and 2003.
This was the time when so many of you were voting for
continuation by upgrading yourselves to multi-dimensional
functioning and waking up to who you truly were. It was
also the time when we began to arrive in increasing num-
bers on the planet to help you with your shift and to ensure
the continuation program was registered and began run-
Your votes were cast, and the energy of continuation was
registered. The termination program was cancelled by your
efforts. But it lingers in the Collective Consciousness through
those who still feed its energies by feeding the religions and
sects that still subscribe to these teachings.
It is now up to you, as Lightworkers, and us, as the Crystal
Children, to help to hold the vision of the New Earth and to
assist the birth process.
It will happen, but just when depends on us, and how firmly
we can hold the vision and allow this new program to gener-
ate in the Collective Consciousness.
Continuation is at a Higher Level
We also want you to know that those of you who have voted
for the continuation scenario have also agreed to upgrade
your energetic bodies to the higher level known as multi-
dimensional. Many of you have made the transition already,
and many more of you have still to go through this process.
Those who have already transitioned, and the Crystal Chil-
dren, will assist those who still have to pass through the pro-
This process involves healing all your Past Life/Inner Child
wounds and opening up your energetic field to encompass
all thirteen chakras of the new Human Angel Christed be-
ing, which is what humans are becoming.
Gradually, the Earth will fill with beings of light who are multi-
dimensional Human Angels, aware of who they are and why
they are here. They will live with open hearts and will share
and love all their fellow beings. They will honor the planet
and create a paradise of beauty. Heaven on Earth. It is not
too far away. In fact it will manifest within your lifetimes.
Now is the difficult time, as so many of you both bridge the
two realities, and indeed, become the bridge to the new real-
ity for many people.
Those on Earth who have chosen not to enter the new reali-
ty will most probably live their lives out in a normal way. But
they will not be able to return to Earth, since Earth will in
future only accept Multi-Dimensional Crystal or Christed be-
ings. Those who do not make the transition will be released
to continue their evolution on some other world where they
can continue with Third Dimensional learning. Earth is no
longer a school for Third Dimensionality, that role is over.
Earth has ascended and is now the golden home for Human
Angels. This reality is assured. We invite you to work with us
to assist in the creation of the New Earth.
Creating the New Earth: A Conscious Choice for
Rebirth and Continuation
In order for the New Earth to birth in our consciousness, we
need to release our belief that “his is how it is. Nothing that
exists on the Earth today cannot be changed. By us. We only
have to claim our power as creators of our own reality in or-
der to begin creating this new reality.
It will not happen overnight. It will be a slow process in
which we will work to reclaim the balance lost on the plan-
et. The first steps we took towards finding the balance was
to welcome back the Goddess among us. We realised that
after thousands of years of patriarchy and hierarchical reli-
gion, we had lost our sense of who and what she was. As
she returned among us via the vibrations of the Indigo-Violet
Silver Ray, hosted by the Starchildren, we once again began
to open to the heartspace where the Goddess presides.
We opened to gentleness, sharing, nurturing, receptivity and
unconditional love. We began to see ourselves, once again,
as part of a whole, part of a family that was not just our im-
mediate nuclear family, but the whole Planetary family that
included animals, trees, plants, fish, rocks, oceans, and other
humans. In fact, all that is. We saw that we were all part of
the oneness, and we began to move back into love.
In this place of unity consciousness are the first stirrings
of Christ Consciousness. Many became aware for the first
time in thousands of years of a duty to the planet. They real-
ized they were not just here to enrich themselves, or even
to grow themselves. What emerged was a consciousness of
the group, of sharing, and of commitment to something be-
yond the self. Yet, at the same time, a commitment to the
health and well-being of the self as essential for the health
and well-being of the planet as well.
A new way of living began to emerge. A way of living based
in this consciousness of planetary responsibility. A way of
life based on a simple and uncluttered life. A life that was
calm and peaceful, and based in spirit rather than in mate-
rialism. A life in which the experience of abundance was
measured not by how much material wealth you were able
to accumulate, but rather by the inner and outer peace and
love that you were able to create in your life. It is a lifestyle
beyond economics, based on love and trust.
The following channel, received via the Rainbow Children,
helps to define what this new way of life will be for us:
Dearest human brothers and sisters, we bring you this mes-
sage of joy and power at this time, because we are now
bringing a powerful new energy to the planet. It is the pow-
er of the HEART, and as Venus transits your sun, the male
and female energies blend into a prism of Rainbow light,
and we, the Rainbow Children, begin to radiate our power
into the Collective Consciousness.
Our message is simple. It requires of you, our elder broth-
ers and sisters, to make a deep shift in your way of think-
ing, feeling and living. We want you to realise that we, the
Starchildren, have been coming to your planet in waves of
incarnation since the 1970s. We have been coming to show
you how you have shifted out of balance and how you need
to return to balance so that your planet can return to bal-
The Indigo Children showed you how rigid and inflexible and
destructive you had become. The Crystals showed you how
closed and unfeeling you had become, and we, the Rainbow
children, are here to teach you how to open your hearts and
truly feel the great heart that beats at the centre of the Uni-
verse. With each radiant pulse the Universe shimmers with
the energies of the Divine Father/Mother, and each of you
receives these waves of gold and silver light. These waves
of radiant energy are the keys to opening your heart to the
truth of who and where you are.
Living in Abundance
Humans have forgotten how to live in abundance. You have
created a world where your idea of abundance is material
excess. We want you to know that this is not so.
Abundance is a state of the soul and being. It is defined as
contentment and peace and the knowledge that you will al-
ways have enough. It is an internal state of trust and balance
that manifests as external balance in the material world.
So many of you have enough to meet your needs, and yet you
are still unhappy because you feel you should have more.
That you should have enough to meet your desires as well.
But most of you, at this time, are so closed to your true na-
tures that you do not truly know what your desires are. You
imagine that desires are fulfilled through material manifesta-
tion, and indeed sometimes this is so. But desire is a move-
ment of the soul towards self-exploration and self-discovery,
knowing yourself as an extension of Divine Power. It really
has little to do with money or material possessions. Desire is
an adventure of the spirit based on an open heart.
You are being urged now to release your need for excessive
material consumption and to learn the art of simple living.
And in this, to learn to share your resources. For indeed, this
is not about money, but about resources. And a planet is a
system where resources must be balanced and shared so
that all who live on the planet may be supported, as the Cre-
ator intends. It is Universal Law that a planet will only allow
the population that it can support. Your planet can support
every human, but you yourselves have created poverty and
disease because you cannot manage your resources. You
have closed your hearts and fallen into fear, and fear births
greed and anger. On this planet there a few who have great
wealth which they cannot possibly use, and many who live
in deep poverty and despair. It is time to wake up and open
your hearts. No one needs to live in poverty, we repeat, the
planet supports every form of life that chooses to incarnate
We, the Rainbow Children, bring the energy of balance again.
Together with you we will balance the earth, the oceans and
the skies, as well as human hearts, and create a true state of
abundance again.
Poverty or Simplicity
We know that many of you say the Universe is infinite and
that you should all experience great abundance, meaning
great material wealth and comfort. This is not necessarily
so. All the wise civilizations who have walked your planet
have understood the need to walk lightly upon the earth, to
do as little damage as possible and to share resources with
all living beings. They have understood that while the Uni-
verse is infinite in energetic terms, planets are finite material
systems. But they are self-renewing systems, and if they are
well managed and cared for they will continue to provide for
all who live on them.
Simple living is not poverty. It is purely an awareness of how
your decisions of how to live and act are not purely personal,
but affect all those around you. If you consume and acquire
blindly, you are disturbing the balance by taking more than
you need. Others will have less than they need, because a
prime planetary law of balance has been violated. If others
have less, you will have less in some way, maybe emotionally
or spiritually. This is how imbalance creates unhappiness,
for all experience the imbalance, for all are a part of the plan-
etary system.
We urge you to begin to think of yourselves as planetary citi-
zens, not merely as inhabitants of your particular country.
You may feel safe and secure at this time, but you will never
be truly so until all on the planet are able to say this is true.
Begin to be aware of the mission that you undertook before
you were born, to be a steward of the planet and to care for
the planet. Think in terms of the planet, and not just your
own personal well-being. For indeed, only by being aware
of planetary well-being can you be sure that you will create
personal well-being at all. For the two are interlinked, they
are part of the UNITY that exists between all things.
The Simple Path of Compassion, Beauty and Love
The Rainbow Children come to teach you to walk this path.
Learn to love and value yourself. Live as though you were
valuable. Cherish and nurture yourself, with good food, ex-
ercise, playful times and love. As you see this radiant value
in yourselves, learn to see it in others. All are expressing the
divine energies from the great universal heart.
When you value others you will feel their needs and their
feelings as if they were your own, for indeed they are. They
are expressions of the one heart that also beats at the centre
of your planet. And that is YOU, dear human brothers and
When you feel the needs of others, share what you have.
This may be material, but it may be simply energy, a bless-
ing of your time and love, or the blessing of your awareness
that you will no longer contribute to suffering on the planet
through ignorance, fear or greed. It is an awareness, a con-
scious awareness that you are not a separate alone individ-
ual, but one of a myriad of co-existing expressions of divine
Simply meditate daily on contentment, peace, joy, and that
your needs are met. Be grateful and ask that this be extend-
ed to every human on the planet. Then live in harmony, as
far as possible for you, with your requests. When you live in
this state of awareness and harmony, you are walking the
path of simple beauty, integrity and love.
The New Earth is Here, Now,
We are the Rainbow Children
A similar message was also received via the Hathors, a group
of ascended feminine beings who once appeared in Egypt
as goddesses of love and beauty. According to their mes-
sage, the Earth is now ready to return to the path of beauty
again. They, too, emphasize this is a path of simplicity, and
resonates with inner peace rather than outwards shows of
abundance and privilege:
We are the beings known as Hathors and we greet you
We are an ascended race who have come into your vibra-
tional field to assist you with your own process of ascension
and evolution. You may think of us as older sisters, for in-
deed that is what we are. We are part of your family, and we
rejoice at every step you take on your path of ascension.
We offer advice, based on our own experiences, yet we
know the choices are all yours. You, as humans ascended
into multi-dimensional beings, are the ones who must cre-
ate the path forward. We honour you.
We are here now especially to work with those beings
known as Crystal Children and adults, to assist them to fully
express the gifts of who they are becoming.
Our topic today is the return of beauty, harmony and love
to the planet. We have worked with humans before to bring
these qualities into your vibrational field, for we are masters
of love and energy harmonics.
In ancient Egypt we appeared as the goddess Hator who
personified beauty and love, and we worked with the Egyp-
tians through this framework. Because you are becoming
multi-dimensional ascended beings, we recognise you as
equals and salute the god and goddess in each one of you.
The planet is now ready to activate the vibrations of love, har-
mony and beauty. We work across the full vibrational spec-
trum of this harmonic Universe. At this time we are focused
on the Gold and Magenta Rays. We urge you, therefore, to
engage your creativity and begin to create the vibration of
love and beauty in your own lives. Know that according to
the law of resonance, this vibration will expand exponen-
tially as more and more of you strive to hold this in your
personal energy fields.
You may ask, “How do I create love and beauty? How is it
We respond by offering you a simple harmonic mantra that
you may begin to work with. It is easy to remember:
Live your life with Grace, Gratitude, and Generosity
This truly helps you to access the vibrations of love and
Grace includes compassion and forgiveness.Un-
derstand you are all striving for happiness and fulfillment
in your own individual ways, and if others disappoint you,
be willing to forgive and release your disappointment. Avoid
falling into anger. If you do so, do not judge yourself, merely
vent or release the anger in safe and non-destructive ways
and then return to the path of love and beauty as it opens
before you.
Live your life with Gratitude. Know every experience
entering your experiential field is a gift of love. Strive to see
all experience that way, and look for the gifts. Do not enter
into fear, which produces anger, frustration, hurt and blame.
Strive rather to remain centred in gratitude for all that is
sent to you. It is a part of your unfolding into ever deeper
and more luminous aspects of beauty.
Generosity is another key to the love vibration.
The Universe is abundant and generous. You need only to
look at the star-filled heavens at night, or try to count the
grains of sand on a beach, to know abundance is Universal
law. Use your resources wisely and with compassion and
gratitude, but know the vibration of love, supply always
meets your needs. You are each greatly loved and the Uni-
verse supports you.
Finally, we urge you to love and care for your
children. The vibration of love honours and rejoices as
each precious soul incarnates into human form to begin the
adventure of material incarnation. We urge you to see the
love and beauty in each child that is gifted to your planet.
Only when you can do this can you truly be said to have
found the path of love and beauty. It is very close, dear ones,
despite the chaos you see now, you have your feet set firmly
Part Three
No Guilt, No Fear:
Only Love
Beyond Sin & Karma
Once the awakened being embraces the under-
standing that every human is a creator, things
begin to shift and change in their perceptual
world. Understanding you are and can be a conscious cre-
ator gives you the key to seeing how belief systems which
seem unquestionable, are, in fact, only creations or thought
forms which gained authority by being held in place over
many thousands of years.
Awakened beings understand we have indeed created all
that exists on our planet. We have created the belief sys-
tems which define and shape our lives. One of the primary
gifts of the Starchildren has been to break us free of our be-
lief systems. Indigo Children have no guilt, they believe it to
be a waste of time and energy. Crystal Children have no fear,
they understand the creative power of love and know fear to
be an illusion. As their energy strengthens on the planet it
helps to weaken the hold of two of the belief systems keep-
ing humans in bondage and fear.
Sin : The Judeo-Christian Legacy
The belief in sin and unworthiness is, unfortunately, a cen-
tral or core belief of traditional Christianity. Christ himself
taught the path of love and forgiveness; but in the religions
developed in the wake of his teachings, sin and guilt have
become central control mechanisms.
The doctrine of original sin states that the original humans,
Adam and Eve, committed a sin against God, and caused
all their descendents to be born into this sinful, unworthy
state. Their lives as humans would be about redeeming
themselves and, because they would be unable to do so, be-
ing sinful, they were all doomed to die. The sacrificial death
of Christ was seen as the key to human redemption.
In this story of who we are, we are locked into sin and death,
and nothing can be done about it except hope that if we are
good enough we will go to Heaven to be with Christ.
As the Indigos help us awaken, we realise this story was
created because we felt trapped in our material bodies. We
felt less than the beings in the spirit realm. We felt unworthy
and were thus being punished in some way by being exiled
from the world of spirit.
We lost sight of the original plan, which was to populate
Earth with humans who would become, in time, Human
Angels. These beings would be capable of being both spirit
and matter at the same time. We forgot this was a marvel-
lous adventure in space and time, for which we had joyfully
volunteered. We had agreed to step down our frequency and
become material, and then gradually raise it so we could
bring light and spirituality into matter as Human Angels.
We forgot Earth is a glorious home that reflects the power
and beauty of its Creator. We forgot our mission was to bring
Heaven to Earth. As we forgot, we felt abandoned, and be-
gan to believe the stories that we were sinful and unworthy
and deserved to die.
When Christ came to the planet as a teacher and healer,
and to hold the advanced consciousness known as Christ
Consciousness, his favorite way of healing was to say to the
person “Your sins are forgiven.” As if in recognition that the
belief in sin and unworthiness, and the guilt it produces, are
the prime causes of illness and disease in humans.
Humans are designed to experience material life with free-
dom, joy and gratitude. Each experience building on the
next, producing an adventure of exploration for the soul/
spirit within. The key to living this way of life without dam-
aging others, was provided by Jesus when he said “Do unto
others as you would have them do unto you,” and “Love your
neighbour as yourself.” With such a philosophy, the belief in
sin is unnecessary.
Sin is a concept that is ready to be released. We are ready to
embrace that we are created whole, perfect and complete,
and can live with this knowledge in love and peace. We can
embrace the understanding that there is a divine plan and
that all is well as the Universe unfolds. Our role, as the In-
digo Children have shown us, is to unfold our own lives and
become the best we can be. Expressing our divinely gift-
ed talents and abilities as an expression of spirit’s work on
Human Angels have no need of sin. They seek rather the
perfection and beauty within the heart of their being.
Karma: School Is Over!
The doctrine of karma derives from the Eastern philoso-
phies, and has become popular in New Age circles as a way
of explaining why life is so difficult and why certain things
happen to certain people.
Reincarnation, while originally a part of Christian teaching,
was dropped long ago from Christian doctrine. The East-
ern teachings then found acceptance with people who re-
alised that we were infinite and eternal beings, and we live
for more than just one lifetime. In fact we have had many
Past Lives on our long journey of incarnation and evolution
through time and space.
Eastern philosophy was tied in with the idea of karma. While
the teaching of karma is based on the idea of a cosmic bal-
ance or justice in the Universe, and the idea of cause and
effect, it became distorted into the belief that life was a big
school and the purpose of reincarnation was to learn.
Like sin, this philosophy promoted unworthiness. Bad things
happened to us because we had been bad in past lives, and
needed to learn our lesson. If we were good, we learnt our
lessons and were promote” to higher levels. If we did not
learn our lessons, we were doomed to a continual round of
reincarnations on the wheel of karma.
This teaching is an attempt to understand the nature of evo-
lution through incarnation. But, it renders life into a difficult
grind, akin to school, in which success or failure determines
the quality of life.
The nature of spiritual evolution is that we do, indeed, grow
and unfold from lifetime to lifetime. We do, indeed, build on
experiences and understandings gathered in previous life-
times, and we do indeed often need to shift and change our
This is a loving process, and we are not held hostage to our
previous actions and reactions. So-called karma can be re-
leased at any time through love. It only requires love and
forgiveness to release the magnetic hold that any past expe-
rience may have on us. If we do not love and forgive, then we
will continue to attract specific energy to us until we have re-
leased its hold on us. Awakened Crystal beings understand
the need to live each day consciously, releasing all negative
emotions and holding everyone in love and forgiveness at all
times. The idea and need for karma no longer exists.
The Divine or Creator is not a schoolmaster, and the planet
called Earth is not a cosmic schoolhouse where humans are
bound to their learning until they can graduate.
The Cosmos is continually evolving, and as this evolution
progresses, we all come to new understandings of who and
what we are. As these new understandings arise, we allow
them to form and shape us into new and different beings.
This is the nature of spiritual evolution, a loving and joyous
process that can be accomplished gently and through love.
Karma is no longer necessary. It is time to release it to the
pages of our history.
In fact, we now understand that rather then graduating and
going somewhere else, the biggest evolutionary thrill is to
stay here and experience the Earth as the new home for the
newly evolved Human Angels.
Heaven on Earth. Going home by staying here.
No lessons, just unfolding through experiences we create
and order for ourselves on our onward journey of unfolding.
Love, Forgiveness, Compassion: The Power of the
Awakened Crystal Being
Without sin, guilt, fear and karma to hold us back, we are
free to experience life as a joyous self-created adventure.
When we become Human Angels, we become clear chan-
nels for the operation of spirit through the soul within us.
We understand the tremendous power that has been gifted
to us through Spirit, and with the assistance of the Indigo
and Crystal Children who have been our helpers in this tran-
sition to power.
Love is the first key. The knowledge that the Cosmos is
benign and supportive, and supports us in our growth and
unfolding is liberating. We can create what we desire, and
if we keep a clear channel to Spirit, we can create in clarity.
We need to always remember the principle of Unity and One-
ness. We are not separate individuals, but part of a whole,
and our choices and desires must reflect not only our own
highest good, but also the good of the whole. As conscious
beings, the good of the planet is our first thought, the good
of those around us next, and then our own personal good.
Forgiveness remains an essential key to conscious
living. If we are in a state of continual forgiveness, then
we will never experience the negative emotions of guilt, re-
morse and sorrow. We will take responsibility for who we are
and what we do, but we will always act in integrity and for
the highest good. When our actions are so motivated, there
is no need for holding or carrying grudges, angers and re-
sentments. We understand that all we experience is for our
highest good, and we can look for the gift and the grace in
all we experience and undergo with others. As we release
the negative emotions, we release the magnetic charge that
will attract similar experiences to us again and again.
Compassion is the third key. This can be defined as
tolerance, respect, discernment, understanding and fellow
feeling. The understanding of oneness. It can include kind-
ness, but does not require us to become rescuers of others.
Compassion is a state of being rather than a state of doing.
To be in compassion is to be in a certain frequency of love
and oneness, from where you may be motivated to certain
acts of charity and kindness, if you so desire. Compassion
itself does not require anything more than entering into this
vibration and frequency of Oneness and understanding that
we are all part of the One, expressing ourselves as individu-
als. Because we are individuals, we will be diverse and dif-
ferent and hold different opinions and attitudes. But, essen-
tially, we are One, and we will learn to seek and find what
we share with others rather than where we are different.
And so, as the New Earth rises, a new way of
living and being is birthing.
Part Three
The Sacred Dance:
The Skills of Multi-Dimensional
Heart-Centered Relationships
One of the key areas where the New Energy is
being immediately felt is the area of relationships.
Especially primary, loving relationships between adults, al-
though all relationships are feeling the New Energies and
the urge to move into the new arena of the heartspace.
Much of the material I have gathered on this topic has come
through interactions with adult Indigo-Crystals in their late
twenties and early thirties, who are following their soul mis-
sions and working at re-patterning love, relationships and
sexuality. These advanced beings are discovering their
parent’s ways of forming and maintaining relationships just
does not work for them. They are investigating and experi-
menting with new, more authentic ways of expressing the
truth of their hearts and minds.
Reinventing Relationships: Finding the Heart-
Before we look at the new way of relating, we need to just
look back and see what relationships were about previously.
In metaphysical terms, relationships, like most other aspects
of life in the 20th century, were conducted from the lower
three chakras.
This meant that most relationships were a trade-off around
money (Base chakra), sex (Sacral Chakra) and power (Solar
Plexus Chakra). Whatever feelings and emotions brought
people together, they would inevitably have to contend with
the issues of money, power and sex in their daily relating.
Of course, these will still be issues to a certain extent, as a
relationship is grounded, but relationships in the 21st cen-
tury need also to enter into the heartspace or heart chakra,
where spirit and soul may also become a part of the relation-
ship. A central and important part.
Money, Sex and Power: How It Used To Be
A primary adult relationship, or loving relationship, would in-
evitably mean the two people involved would at some stage
begin to live together. The need for closeness and compan-
ionship being a primary human need, loving relationships
have always and will continue to express themselves in co-
habitation and physical closeness.
Traditionally, the trade off has been between the sexes. The
male works for money and the female tends the home. This
enables the partnership to create a home and afford and
maintain what is needed. The sex between them produces
the family. The power has traditionally been vested in the
male, as part of a hierarchical patriarchal social form.
The Changes
However, powerful social changes starting in the mid- 20th
century in the developed world, meant these traditional as-
sumptions about relationships have become obsolete, even
though many of us are still working with them on a subcon-
scious level.
The feminist revolution meant women began working out-
side of the home as the norm. Careers for women and dual in-
come partnerships are now accepted. This creates problems
in the traditional structures of relationships, since women
are now also money providers, and in some cases provide
more than men. The balance of power has now shifted, as
we move away from hierarchical models of relating. No one
is entirely sure how sex fits into this new kind of relation-
What emerges from this transition is the knowledge relation-
ships are now about two people who are equal in ability and
power who are primarily seeking companionship and close-
ness, rather than just a trade-off on the physical level.
The way to achieve this is to enter into the heartspace, or
the heart chakra, as the primary location of the relationship.
Once this is achieved, then the other levels can be negoti-
ated according to the needs of each individual couple.
Heartspace and Communion
Heartspace and Communion are the two terms given to me
by Archangel Michael that define the new way of relating.
The relationship has to be primarily about being in the heart.
This means being in touch with FEELINGS and being able to
EXPRESS these feelings in creative and empowering ways.
Many people think this means being able to communicate
verbally. In some ways this is true. I have noticed women
tend to be better verbal communicators of feelings than
men. How often do I hear women complain they can have
long discussions about their feelings with their girlfriends,
but not with the men who are important to them? Does this
mean men have to become like women and talk about their
feelings? Well, maybe!
I think it would serve us all far better if we realised talking
about feelings is not the only answer. It is just talking, and
tends to be circular, even if it makes the person talking feel
But NON-VERBAL expression is often far more important
in expressing feelings. Perhaps women now need to learn
techniques of non-verbal or heart-centred expression which
allows them to connect with their partners.
Communion is a term that has religious connotations, being
related to the sacrament of Christ’s death and the ritual of
the Last Supper. But what Christ probably meant, was that
we learn to commune with each other by becoming one
with the other being.
In religious communion, one drinks the wine and eats the
bread that represent Christ’s body, and becomes one with
Christ in that moment.
The lesson for us is to be with others in such a way that
we can become one with them. To understand them and be
with them in such a way that explanations and stories are
not important, to see the divine essence in that person or be-
ing, and to let their essence resonate with yours, to feel their
feelings as intensely as you feel your own, because in truth
they are your own, or a mirror of your own.
When we understand the person we have chosen to relate
to is a part of us, and what we see is ourselves, then we
can be in compassion and love with ourselves and then with
them. From this place of communion and understanding we
can learn to relate with total acceptance of ourselves and of
It is now so important to be able to love and accept yourself.
Only if you are totally accepting of yourself will you be able
to accept the person who holds up the mirror for you. If you
can love yourself, you will be able to love them and be with
Acceptance means to be able to be with that person in love
and grace, without needing to change them or make them
anything other than what they are in that moment. So many
relationships fail because people see potential and fall in
love with the potential. This is followed by frustration as the
potential, as they see it, may never be realised.
In this place of Communion and Acceptance, the relation-
ship will tend to become deep, warm and creative. There are
no rules for how the creativity is expressed, each couple will
find unique and individual ways of empowering each other
and expressing their growth as a result of their acceptance
of each other.
The important aspect of a Heartspace relationship is the
partners will feel themselves to be empowered to be the
best they can be at that time. They will be striving to ex-
press the highest good for themselves and the relationship,
from the place of acceptance, grace and gratitude for the
person who has chosen to create with them.
And from there...
Once this place has been reached, the people concerned are
able to negotiate how their relationship will be grounded,
how will they balance power, how will they interact sexu-
ally, and what role will money play in their relationship to-
These things can be negotiated, and not assumed, from a
place of respect, caring and love.
For the Heartspace, if kept open, will continue to infuse the
relationship with energy from the Soul and Spirit levels, en-
suring the relationship stays a creative place of growth and
Emerging Into Authenticity: Opening the Heart-
Earth is once again experiencing an acceleration in her ener-
gy field on her path of personal ascension and evolution. For
us, as humans on Earth, this provides another opportunity
to accelerate our own personal growth. Archangel Michael
brings us this information about the opening of our Heart-
space and emerging into Authenticity to assist us at this
time. We are preparing to enter into full alignment with our
new energy bodies and become Heart-Centered beings.
The Path to Love: Switching Off the Mind/Ego
Complex and Hearing the Heart Again
In order to allow the emergence of your true essence and
authentic nature as a being of love and creativity, you need
to release what works against this realization. That part of
you that believes in fear and scarcity and lack, and in aban-
donment and rejection and pain.
This part of you is the rational mind and its associated per-
sonality complex, the ego. Your rational mind needs to be
busy, and will keep repeating to you the fear stories of all
the other minds around you, on television, radio, the inter-
net and in newspapers…until you switch it off and start to
listen to the broadcast of your HEART. Your heart will send
you feelings of love, peace, serenity, compassion and accep-
tance. Now is the time to align with this message. Tell your
mind it was designed to assist your unfolding on earth, not
to dominate it. Your mind is a fearful child, your heart is a
wise and loving elder. Your heart speaks the truth of your
soul. Far better to follow the voice of your soul/heart, that
speaks with Spirit and is guided in Love.
Emerging into Feeling and Authenticity
When you make this switch, you will begin to FEEL more
than THINK. You may imagine this will be wonderful and
well it should be. But most of you have repressed your feel-
ings since you were children. Your parents, teachers and the
culture in general told you what to think and feel, and so you
switched off your authentic feeling voice, your heart, and re-
pressed and denied your true feelings. Your truth was some-
how not right or accepted by those around you.
As adults, many of you are subject to addictions; drugs, alco-
hol, nicotine, food, television, work, sex or even religion. All
ways of avoiding feelings and authenticity in favor of escap-
ism and other people’s ready-made solutions to your life.
As you once again switch on your heart voice, you may have
to face painful feelings that have been repressed for many
years. Many of you may feel lingering depression and sad-
ness as you struggle to understand why you feel this way.
These are authentic feelings, do not reject them or judge
yourself. Rather understand your soul is asking you to recog-
nise these very old feelings relating to inauthenticity and to
clear them.
The process of clearance is through forgiveness and allowing
the emergence of vulnerability and tenderness in your life.
Forgiveness will happen as you emerge into compassion, for
you will understand how we have all been taught to switch
off the heart and follow the mind as a survival technique.
Those who taught us to do this thought they were doing the
best thing to help us to be real and rational. So we will not
need to hold onto angers and resentments about the past as
we move into this new and empowered space of freedom to
be who we authentically are.
Vulnerability and Tenderness: Becoming Real
We were brought up to believe we need to be strong in or-
der to survive and gain love and acceptance. So we learn
to repress any feelings that might represent weakness as
we understand it. We are taught through movies and tele-
vision soap operas that love involves heartbreak, rejection
and abandonment, and as we experience these things, or
imagine we do, we close our hearts and nurse our angers
and hurts.
But the true voice of unconditional love and acceptance says
these things are mind-created illusions, and we only have to
enter into our authentic being to experience the supportive
and all-embracing love that surrounds us.
But to enter this Heartspace we must be willing to be vul-
nerable. To show others who we truly are and to trust they
will accept us. Even if this acceptance is not forthcoming,
being authentic and acting in integrity will release immense
power in your psyche. It will allow you to truly feel your real-
ity and act from a place of power rather than victim hood.
Emerging from vulnerability is tenderness, a deep feeling of
compassion and acceptance, an understanding of your own
vulnerability and of others, producing gentleness and kind-
ness and caring, no matter what the circumstances. In this
tenderness will arise a true understanding of the experience
of love at the centre of all things, and every experience is a
gift of love and can be lived as such, without anger or hurt.
Tenderness and vulnerability provide the bridges from
one heart to another and create a space for sharing and
The Bridge to Global Compassion
Once you have learned to master your own feelings through
authenticity and acceptance, you will be asked to move to the
next level. This is where you will experience the repressed
feelings and sadness of the Planetary Collective Conscious-
ness. Many Lightworkers and Crystal beings are today chan-
nelling the sadness of the collective through their bodies in
order to assist the planet to release these emotions.
And as each Lightworker enters into their own Heartspace
and begins to act from authentic soul-motivated feelings,
then humanity will once again remember how to love.
You will cease to live your lives as you do now, in a mad
scramble for money, recognition and possessions. You will
once again learn the value of human life, of people and ani-
mals, plants and of the planet itself.
You will understand once again how valuable these things
are because you will see once again how valuable you are.
When you cease to measure your worth through your
achievements and what you consume or acquire, then you
will understand you are a vehicle for the loving, creative and
sharing energies of your Soul and Spirit. You will once again
begin to love, to dance, to sing-to truly be ALIVE.
Then you will fully enter into your inheritance as a Human
Angel, Spirit in a Human Body.
The Sacred Dance: New Ways of Creating Sacred
and Loving Relationships for the 21st Century
One of the areas most affected by the coming of the Crystal
Energy and the shift to Multi-Dimensional living, has been
intimate and romantic relationships. Many people are expe-
riencing heartbreak and pain as long-standing relationships
disintegrate. Or they find themselves alone and without a
partner, despite a sincere desire to be in a loving relation-
ship. Or they enter into a series of relationships that just
don’t seem to work out, and then give up and lose interest in
the whole process.
What is going on?
Why are relationships under such extreme pressure at this
Surely this transitional time would be when we need rela-
tionships the most?
Yes, we do need relationships, and we will have the support
we need, even if it sometimes doesn’t feel like it. But rela-
tionships are one of the key areas where the tidal wave of
change is being most intensely felt. Maybe this is because
the need to relate, to be loved and accepted is such a key hu-
man need. It has become a place where old energies need to
be released to allow for new forms and structures.
The Indigo Children, in their roles as systems busters have
been instrumental in helping initiate these shifts, and the
Crystal Children will help us consolidate new ways of relat-
In the wake of the Indigo Children, we have moved from a
society that only accepts male/female monogamous rela-
tionships within marriage, to a society that is more prepared
to accept different kinds of relationships. The importance is
the need to relate, not what sex or class or race the person
with whom one is relating belongs. This is a revolution that
is opening up a whole new way of thinking about what rela-
tionships are, what it means to relate, and how we conduct
our relationships.
The Old Ways of Relating : Relationships, Arche-
types and Karma
In the old third-dimensional energy, romantic relationships
were often based on physical attraction or magnetism. The
concept of chemistry, love at first sight and many other ro-
mantic concepts fostered by endless movies and novels was
the motivating force. It was all about what you looked like.
This was accompanied by entire industries to ensure that
you stayed youthful, slim and sexually attractive in order to
ensure that you would attract a suitable partner. This, it was
argued, was nature’s way, and the best looking humans at-
tracted a partner and reproduced their genes. Well, maybe
so. But human relationships are not just about reproduction.
They no longer need to be. There are enough people on the
planet to allow us to begin to remodel relationships as about
something other than sex and reproduction.
Also, when two people enter into a conventional marriage,
the force of the archetypal energy is often so strong they are
almost compelled into predetermined roles. Many people
who swore they would never end up replicating their parents
marriages, did just that. Why? Because despite good inten-
tions, the archetypal impetus of the marriage system, built
up over thousands of years, tends to take over and create
the reality. Men and women fall into provider and nurturer
roles, or they enter into power games to see who can domi-
nate and who will submit. Or they play out victim, abuser,
rescuer dramas. Quite often, they pattern these dramas on
their parental models.
These patterns are learnt in childhood, as the child observes
the parents in their dance of relationship, and the subcon-
scious records all the details for future reference. In Meta-
physics we call this the “Inner Child Drama” and it contains
all the unresolved issues of both the family experience, and
probably many past life family experiences where the soul
has played out all the roles in the family drama.
We have learnt to explain this process of soul roles as karma,
and we tell ourselves we have to go through this experience
in order to learn. The partner in the relationship is seen as
a mirror of our issues, and we diligently work to assimilate
whatever learning there may be for us. We probably just
as diligently reincarnate in order to continue with this sup-
posed learning.
But one of the things that Indigo and Crystal have taught us
is that karma is an outdated concept.
This doesn’t mean you have now graduated karmic school
to become a wiser being. It probably means there was no
such thing anyway. It was just another system humans in-
vented to help to explain why all the other systems they
had invented, including the system called marriage, were
uncomfortable and had to be endured and worked at and
persevered through.
As we enter the Crystal state, we begin to understand re-
lationships are about creative partnerships. They are about
soul bonding, experiencing the self and the self as other,
and about co-creating. They are not prisons, and were never
meant to be. They are about feelings, being able to share
and communicate the full spectrum of feelings to and with
another person. This can be done within the parameters of
loving parental and family relationship, but there are many
other ways that this can also be explored and enjoyed.
The Multi-Dimensional Relationship
The new forms of partnership are very different. They are
based on different criteria and needs, and are played out in
different ways. As we become more at ease with the Crystal
state, we will become far more accustomed to these new
kinds of relationships.
• Soul Resonance rather than Physical Attraction
People will be attracted to each other on the multi-dimen-
sional or soul level, rather than the physical. The physical
will still be a part of a Crystal relationship, but it will not be
the primary focus anymore.
More and more people are looking for a soulmate. Whatever
beliefs we might hold about whether or not soulmates exist,
it does seem there is a deep longing in most people to blend
energies with a compatible soul. And it is at the level of the
soul that there must be resonance and compatibility.
This does not mean that the partners will agree on every-
thing. In fact, if they did the relationship would probably not
work. Rather there will be a healthy balance of agreement
and disagreement.
Crystal people operate from the heart, and will always al-
low their partner to be exactly who or what he or she is.
They will not need to change the person or make them bet-
ter or rescue them or provide for them. They will share with
them and support them in their adventure of growth and
self-exploration, and expect the same in return. There will
be an allowing and a freedom that will enable each partner
to grow and to blossom into their full potential within the
• Planetary Partnerships:
This is a phenomenon I have personally noticed in recent
years, especially among Indigos in their twenties and early
thirties. Their relationships are often trans-global or plane-
With the easy access we now have to the Internet and to
air travel, we have become global citizens. We now take air-
planes from continent to continent like we use to take buses
around town. We can send an e-mail that is answered with-
in minutes or hours, rather than writing a letter that would
take weeks. We are enabled to relate across the planet. As
all Crystal people know, all loving energy being sent around
the planet is creating a web of love and joy that can only
have positive results in the long term.
It is becoming quite normal for people to source soul part-
ners from different continents and countries. Another magic
of the Internet is the ability to transmit feelings as well as
ideas and concepts. Again, all Crystals know they can trans-
mit heart energies through the Internet. The Internet is a
nervous system for the planet that transmits messages as
light impulses through silicon/crystal chips. It is becoming
an extension of the human resources for locating a resonant
soul with whom to relate.
• Equality in the Partnership: Keeping the Balance
In a multi-dimensional relationships it is essential to keep
the balance between the partners. There needs to be com-
plete equality in the relationship. Old relationship patterns
of dominance, control and attachment have to be released.
If one partner dominates or controls the other, then an im-
balance is created that will undermine the relationship. An-
ger will arise and it will have no outlet for expression, since
it will be assumed this is the pattern for the relationship. In
a Crystal relationship, each partner consciously watches to
ensure that they are neither dis empowered nor do they dis
empower the other. Rather, they look for ways of empower-
ing themselves and their partner in positive ways.
When there is no dominance of one by the other, and there is
an allowing of what the other person is, then there is no rea-
son for the approval seeking behaviour that is so often part
of old energy relationships, where one partner constantly
seeks the approval of the other. There is no emotional needi-
ness or fear, just acceptance and love.
If the relationship reaches an end, there must be a willing-
ness to let go, and not be attached to that particular rela-
tionship. Even soul resonant relationships may end when
the partners outgrow each other or find the need to explore
who they are in other ways and directions. The best thing to
do is let go, allowing each of the partners to grow into new
and different energies. Allow the sadness that is felt when
something ends, but also the anticipation as something new
begins. Even if that something is a period of aloneness, as
we adjust to the new person we are becoming.
•Allowing the Full Spectrum of Feelings
This will probably be one of the most difficult things for us
to negotiate in the future. So many of us believe a good rela-
tionship is one in which you are always positive, happy and
joyful. One where the other person always makes you feel
good about yourself. But, in the multi-dimensional state, re-
lationships are about self-exploration and growth. Your part-
ner may need to challenge you in order to help you to grow,
or you may need to challenge them.
This challenge may include playing out anger and frustra-
tion, and allowing the partner to be in these emotions and
feelings without feeling personally threatened, or feeling the
relationship is threatened.
Multi-dimensional relationships will always play through
the full spectrum of feelings, not just the positive ones. The
challenge is to allow these darker energies and to handle
them in a creative and compassionate way. For if handled
properly they will help us grow and experience ever more of
who and what we are in this particular relationship.
The importance again, is balance. Too much negativity, and
the relationship will swing into negativity and become vio-
lent and destructive. Too much positivity, and the creative
tension that enables growth is unlikely to be there and the
relationship will probably stagnate.
• The Key Elements: Communicate and Co-Create
The important thing to remember in the new multi-dimen-
sional relationships is they are primarily adventures of self-
exploration in which we discover ourselves through relating
and creating with another being.
There are two key elements which must always be pres-
ent. The first key is to COMMUNICATE, in whatever way
works best for you. There are many ways to communicate in
a multi-dimensional relationship, from talking to telepathy,
and they can all be explored and played with creatively. But
where two people are constantly communicating, they are
expressing themselves and discovering themselves through
what they express.
The second key is CO-CREATE. There must be a reason for
the partnership. Together you must be creating something,
even if it is only your own spiritual growth. In order for a
multi-dimensional relationship to flourish, there must be a
place for all that wonderful higher frequency creativity to
find expression on the physical level.
It may even be the creative communication that happens
between partners will enable and empower each of the
partners in their own creative projects. The creativity does
not have to be expressed in codependent ways, but used as
empowerment for each person’s individual creative projects
and exercises.
The Sacred Dance: The Metaphysical Principles of Relating
• There are many ancient creation myths and legends that
tell how the original God-force created two beings out of its
essence. These two beings, in turn, went on to create All
That Is.
So the basic spiritual principles behind creation are unity
(the oneness of all that is), duality (the one exploring itself
through the tensions of opposites) and multiplicity (the repli-
cation of this basic dance of creativity many times over into
complex and wonderful forms).
Relationships allow us to rediscover that original dance of
the two who are in fact one. The movement is always to-
wards discovering harmony and unity, and then discover-
ing that in fact there is also disharmony and duality because
the two are now unique individual beings. But the key to this
dance is to balance and flow from unity to duality and back
There are also many ancient myths that speak of the original
deities dancing through the heavens as they spin out cre-
ation in the wake of their dance. The myth that comes to
mind is that of Shiva and Shakti, whose union and dance
represents the union of the sacred masculine and feminine
energies in the ongoing dance of creation.
In our relationships in the new multi-dimensional energies,
we need to understand the steps of the sacred dance of Shi-
va and Shakti, if we are to replicate them in our own lives.
The dance had three primary steps or movements:
• The first movement is always towards harmony and unity.
Two people are attracted together and seek to discover in
what ways they are alike. This is the movement towards the
divine force, or the movement of the two seeking the state
of the original one. Because this movement is towards the
divinity, this phase of a relationship is always ecstatic and
joyous and creative, as the two beings feel the flow of light
and energy between them. They discover each other and
find the best parts of themselves mirrored in the other in this
part of the sacred dance.
• The second movement is always away from unity and into
The one becomes two, who are each separate and unique.
In this phase of the relationship dance the two people dis-
cover in what ways they are different. Because this stage
of the relationship is away from divine source and towards
separation and duality, there is often anger and anxiety in
this phase, and a need to exert control in order to maintain
the sameness.
This is because in our spiritual culture we have become
afraid of duality. We see it as something bad, and we strive
for unity consciousness and we seek to move beyond dual-
ity. But we can never move beyond duality while we have
a separate and unique identity. In our highest state of con-
sciousness we will always be a part of this dance of energies
between unity and duality. To be conscious is to be aware
of the dance, and to be able to let go and enjoy the dance
knowing the flow will always be back and forth between
these two states of being.
In a relationship, this means we must be prepared to experi-
ence times of challenge and discord. There may be anger,
frustration and other negative energies. These must be han-
dled with elegance and the knowledge that, if so handled,
they will not be destructive. This is what we call the shadow
side of the relationship. It will always be there. How it is
handled and integrated will determine the quality of the re-
lationship. If both partners or dancers know how to cope
with the dance of anger and negativity, then it can be nego-
tiated without creating such an imbalance that the relation-
ship/dance is disrupted and destroyed.
I have always found that the key here is to allow anger and
negativity to be expressed and released, without taking
it personally, or needing to defend yourself in destructive
ways if there is equal anger on both sides. This just creates
a spiral of negative energy that prevents the dance from tak-
ing its next step or movement.
• The third or last movement is always back to unity and
The two once again discover, through their separate jour-
neys, that they are indeed one. In fact, they rediscover each
other and their oneness, since they have learnt something
more about the self and the other, and are now reuniting
on a higher spiral of evolution and consciousness. Having
learnt this particular new thing, there is no need to go back
and do it again and again, as that is how destructive pat-
terns arise within a relationship. Skilled cosmic dancers
know how to let go and move to new levels of experiential
dancing, by keeping the relationship in a state of growth
and new movement.
Re-Patterning Our Sexuality: Preparing To Live
On The New Earth
Finally, here is material channelled through the Hathors, an
ascended race of loving female beings. They worked with
the ancient Egyptian culture as Hathor the Goddess of
Love and Beauty.
Their message for us today is to discover ways of bringing
beauty and balance back to our sexual lives:
Dearest Family,
We call you this because as you move into your ascension
you come closer and closer to us. Only once before have
we been this close to you, and that was when we worked
with you in Egypt. Then, as now, our teachings were about
beauty, love and power. We are the singers and dancers of
the Cosmos, and we come to teach you how to channel and
to use your sexual energies in ways that are beautiful and
creative and more appropriate for you at this time in your
We want you to realise that you are powerful and creative
beings, and that your sexual energy is a fundamental part of
your creative energy. The recent Venus transit has brought
to the fore issues of sexuality in your lives. It is time to release
old patterns that are held in the Collective Consciousness
and replace them with new patterns more suited to where
you are now. It is of this that we need to speak today.
The Imbalances in History
For many thousands of years your sexual energy has been
out of balance as a culture. First, you lived in a female-domi-
nated society, called a matriarchy. Next, more recently, you
shifted to a male-dominated society, called a patriarchy. Both
of these modes of cultural being were based on power; the
power of one group over another, defined by gender. In your
genetic memory and in the Akashic records, are many sto-
ries of dominance and control, and unhealthy or imbalanced
patterns of abuse and victimization.
In your most recent phase, patriarchy, power was given to
the male, to dominate over the female and children. This has
given rise to cultures today where men have absolute con-
trol over the lives of women and children, as in the Middle
East. The control is more subtle and less overt in the devel-
oped world. Yet even in these societies, you have problems
such as pornography and women and child abuse. In some
cases, babies are raped and children tortured in a distorted
play of sex and power.
In the Western world, these patterns of power over and the
abuser/victim archetypes lie deep in the collective mind,
and are unfortunately tied up with love and spirituality. But
how can that be? You might ask what has sexual abuse to
do with spirituality, or even love?
Well, if you go back in time several hundred years, you will
come to a time in the Christian world when male priests
and clerics persecuted and tortured female witches who
were quite often healers and teachers of the so-called Pagan
or Wiccan religions. This persecution was carried out in the
name of Christianity, and it was given spiritual validity. The
torture and murder was undertaken to save and purify the
souls of those deemed witches, by cleansing them in fire.
Underlying this were levels of sexual sadism, as male celi-
bate priests played out their repressed and distorted sexual
urges on the women who were their victims. Many years
later, issues such as pornography and sexual abuse so rife in
your societies, find their roots in this era. Past life memories
of the intense physical sensations of sexual pain and dis-
torted pleasure that accompanied these experiences, still
exist in active form in the collective memory banks. In the
present, you as a culture continue to play out these dramas
in order to resolve your soul’s addictions to these intense
levels of distorted sexual energy charge.
In the African and Arab and many Eastern cultures, often
in Muslim dominated areas, this sexual sadism and abuse
is also present in the cruel practice of female genital muti-
lation, also known as female circumcision. In this custom,
the ability to enjoy normal physical sexual pleasure is tak-
en from the woman, normally at a very young age, about
twelve. This form of domination and abuse is also practised
in the name of virtue and spirituality. What a sad place your
planet has become, and so ready for changes and shifts. So
ready to begin the process of re-patterning your sexuality
into more healthy and loving forms.
Please understand, we seek to criticize and judge no-one
here. For, as you know, there are no “victims” in these self-
created dramas, and ALL involved must be responsible for
the energies and for bringing them back into balance. And
that means all of you.
It is not only sexuality that has been affected, but love too.
It is so difficult for any couple to express their love through
sexuality in a balanced way. There are so many images and
stories in your culture that insist that one must dominate the
other, and that sex is a right that one may demand of the oth-
er within a relationship. Even with love, it is often difficult for
you to deal with these issues in your relationships and to be
loving and balanced. We see so many of you struggling with
these issues and the residues of your past life conditioning.
The First Step of Healing and Re-Patterning: Balancing the
Inner Masculine and Feminine Energies
In a patriarchal culture, it is not only men that shift out of
balance, everyone does. Today, many of the women among
you have dominant male energies, and are needing to recon-
nect with the inner female energies. This has been the result
of feminism in your culture, which, liberated women and al-
lowed them to develop their potential in ways never before
experienced. It has also lead to many of them becoming too
masculine. As a result of feminism, many men in your west-
ern cultures have sought to reconnect with their inner femi-
nine energies, ironically becoming too feminine and passive.
We have a new out of balance situation, where women are
often too masculine and men are too feminine.
The key to finding balance for every individual is to balance
the inner male and female energies, in order to create a new
template for the collective consciousness, one that will re-
place the older one.
Each of you needs to be connected to the inner male energy.
It is the energy of the spiritual warrior and leader within you.
This is the solar energy. It is radiant, strong, confident, warm
and assertive. It is the energy of doing. It tells you when you
need to assert yourself, it gives you confidence and helps
you to get things done in the material world. It is outward
flowing and active.
The feminine energy is the lunar energy. It is soft, receptive,
gentle, loving and unconditional, but also very powerful. It
is the energy of being. It is inward flowing and passive (as
in peaceful). It allows you to be with yourself and with oth-
ers in non-judgemental ways. It is the place where creative
ideas are conceived and birthed and then passed to the
masculine so that they may become real in the world.
In a balanced individual, there is a balanced flow between
being and doing, active and passive, masculine and femi-
nine. This inner balance is reflected in the outer or external
world in the creation of relationships between beings who
are equally balanced in themselves and so can create and
maintain relationships that are balanced and loving.
A balanced relationship being one where neither partner
dominates the other, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and
or sexually.
New Earth Relationships
New Earth relationships will be so different to the relation-
ships you now have. They will be gentler and more playful
and yet wise. There will be less intensity and drama, and
more caring, nurturing and companionship. You will come
to realise that the purpose of relationship, all relationship, is
to relate, to share, and to support and to nurture from your
own sense of abundance and completeness.
You will look for relationships that are spiritual and heart-
based, rather then physical and emotional. In the Old Earth
relationship paradigm, relationships were based on physical
attraction and emotional bonding. In the New Earth, your
relationships will be based in the heart, in feelings, compas-
sion, connection and mutual respect and support. We fore-
see many relationships growing between people of differ-
ent age groups and different cultures, relationships that will
be deep and meaningful, and yet would not have seemed
possible before because of the narrow limitations of what
you considered a relationship to be in your Old Earth energy
These relationships will be light and joyous, and yet capable
of real depth and intimacy because the people concerned
will be more interested in the connections of the soul rath-
er than the connections of the external and the physical
There will be sharing and caring, and yet both partners will
be independent and self-reliant within themselves. There
can be no codependency in the New Earth. Balance is so
important. These relationships will be balanced and loving,
between two equally powerful and caring persons. There
will be no dominance, no victims, no dramas and no abuse.
There will be commitment to the relationship and the mu-
tual growth of each of the partners within the relationship.
This will be true for all relationships, not just love or roman-
tic relationships. Friendships will become deeper and more
meaningful experiences, as you understand that you have
soul families, and that your friends often are close soul rela-
tions who are here to love and support you in your work on
the planet. When your relationships exist in this loving and
balanced state, then your sexuality will also be loving and
Once again humans will learn to celebrate and enjoy their
creative and sexual energies in ways that are life-enhanc-
ing and ecstatic. We are here to work with you and love you
and support you as you move into this loving and love-filled
Part Three
The Gift of Empowered Love:
Conscious Parenting
The last chapter of this book takes us full circle to
where we began. With the beautiful children who
have gifted us with so much. Their most important
gifts to us, as a human family, may well prove to
be the gift of conscious parenting. For how can we
create a new civilization based on love and peace,
other than by creating it first within our own fami-
Those of you who have parented Indigo Children and had to
experience the stress and trauma as your Indigo destroyed
and battered down old patterns, may find this hard to be-
lieve. But the Indigo mission was to eliminate dysfunctional
patterns in family life, in families all over the planet, in every
country and culture. After them came the Crystal, ready to
heal with love and power.
Those parents who have brought Indigo and Crystal Chil-
dren into the world have all experienced the gift of rapid
growth and awakening. Their lives have been changed and
in many cases, this has been sad. Happily, in other cases,
the gifts of love have been recognised and welcomed.
In every Indigo Child is the potential for rapid transforma-
tion of those around them. In every Crystal Child is the po-
tential for great and wonderful love transmitted to all those
around them.
In this chapter we will discuss the ways in which these chil-
dren have shown us how dysfunctional our parenting and
family patterns have been, and then show how the children
have taught us new ways of relating together as families
based on respect and empowered love.
Parenting Indigo and Crystal Children: Parenting from the
Parenting an Indigo or Crystal Child is a special privilege
in this time of turbulence and change. As a parent, you are
contributing to establishing new patterns for parenting on
the planet. You are partnering with your child in raising the
resonance of the child/parent relationship to its highest pos-
sible level at this time. What an honor!
The Indigo or Crystal Child has come to the planet with his
or her own mission. As an Indigo, here to challenge exist-
ing forms and beliefs, and as a Crystal, here to teach em-
powerment and love. You, as the parents, are the partners
in this mission of teaching and healing. You can help your
child fulfill their mission by understanding what is required
of you. As a parent to an Indigo, you can expect to be chal-
lenged at every turn, but having the skills to handle these
challenges will create and easier relationship between you
and your Indigo. As the parent of a Crystal, you will have to
deal with a very strong will and frequent power struggles.
Again, having the parenting skills to cope with these issues
will facilitate the growth and unfolding of your child.
The Old Parenting Paradigm
The old parenting paradigm will not work for Indigos and
Crystals. This is to be expected. They are here to challenge
this paradigm and to replace it with something better. Obvi-
ously, the way you were brought up will not work for them.
You cannot repeat your own parenting patterns, whether
consciously or unconsciously. As a parent of a New Child,
you have to become conscious of what motivates the par-
ticular parenting pattern that you have chosen.
The old paradigm was based largely on power and fear. The
parent saw the child as a responsibility, and the parental
duty was to ensure the child was provided for materially,
educated and formed into an adult, exactly like all the other
adults. The child was brought up to fear punishment and to
see parents, teachers, and other adults as power figures. The
child was taught to accept the norms of society by these
power figures, even if these went against his or her natural
inclinations. The parents and caregivers saw their role as
controller of the child. They were therefore entitled to punish
the child, even with violence, if that control, usually exerted
in the form of rules and prohibitions, was challenged or ig-
nored. The point of the rules and regulations was to ensure
that the child would fit in or conform to society. Old style
parents often say things like, “You will do it because I said
so, and I’m your mother/father,” or “You will do it because
that’s what everyone else does.”
The old style parent is an authoritarian, and demands com-
pliance and respect on the basis of that authority vested in
the child/parent relationship. In this belief system, the par-
ent is seen to own the child and have the right to demand
compliance. The parents believe themselves to know more
and to be inherently wiser, and therefore have the right to
demand certain behaviour patterns and life choices from
their child.
The New Parenting Paradigm
The new parenting paradigm is based on love and derives
from the Heart Centre. In this new paradigm, every child is
seen as a gift and a privilege. Parenting is viewed as a heart
experience, in which the adult is given the task of nurturing
and assisting a newly arrived soul to the planet. This task is
a partnership, in which the parent and the child share the
adventure of creating the conscious experience of growth
and learning within the nurturing parameters of the rela-
In this new heart-based parenting model, the child is seen
for what it is, a highly evolved and developed soul. This Indi-
go or Crystal soul has its own wisdom to impart to the adult
world, and the parent’s role is often to assist that child to
bring its message to the world. To do so requires the child be
loved and nurtured, and encourage to express to the fullest
who and what they really are, and to be given the opportuni-
ties to develop their full potential in a loving environment.
In order to be this kind of parent or caregiver, qualities such
as love, tolerance, respect and unconditional acceptance
need to be part of the basic parenting or caring skills. The
new parent also needs to learn and understand the skills of
negotiation, communication and discipline.
This is THE most important parenting skill of all. And most
people imagine that it comes naturally. Parents often repro-
duce their own learned parenting paradigm without truly
considering whether it comes from the heart or not.
Effectively, you cannot love and respect your child if you do
not love and respect yourself. So many of us were brought
up with messages of not good enough, that fostered low self
esteem and difficulties with self-love and self-acceptance.
Anyone who works with children will need to watch how
their own unresolved self-acceptance issues may be project-
ed onto the child. The child will then be seen as naughty or
unmanageable or out of control, or any of a number of not
good enough labels.
A parent’s unresolved angers and hostilities are often reflect-
ed back to the parent in the child’s behaviour. Thus, an angry
and temperamental child will be playing out the repressed
feelings of the parent.
It is difficult to raise an Indigo or Crystal Child unless you
have worked through your issues and are able to love your-
self, empower yourself and express your full potential.
Your Indigo or Crystal Child will be your primary teacher, if
in fact you have not worked through these issues.
You WILL learn to empower yourself and to value yourself,
as they teach you the skills. It is far easier if you already have
these skills. If you DO have the skills, parenting your child
becomes a shared adventure of empowered growth.
Unconditional Acceptance
This is often one of the most difficult things for a parent. Of-
ten parental pride demands that the child live up to certain
expectations or fulfil certain roles.
Indigo and Crystal Children have their own defined being
and their own sense of who and what they are. This is very
clear to them. Sometimes this sense of who they are can be
in direct opposition to the parents desires and needs.
When this happens, it takes a very special parent to be able
to say: “I accept you for what you are,” and “you do not need
to be like me.”
An insecure parent may take the child’s very difference from
him or herself as a threat, and demand that the child con-
form. But the new parent allows the child to unfold and be
what he or she is, even encouraging aspects of the child’s
being that may be foreign to their own way of thinking or
being if that is where the child’s gifts lie.
The new parent also accepts that as the Indigo Child grows
into adolescence and adulthood, it may not choose to follow
the safe and responsible career paths the parent may wish.
The Indigo may wish to be creative, or travel the world and
see life, rather then go to college and follow a set life path.
New parents must understand Indigos and Crystals see life
as an ongoing creation, a creation in which they are free to
remake themselves whenever they feel so inclined. They
will probably have no interest in safe and secure, but rather
in passionate and creative and fun.
This does not have to mean they will not create abundance.
Often Indigo adults create the same affluence level as their
parents before they are thirty. Often it is done in unusual and
creative ways.
This is closely related to unconditional acceptance. If the
parent can accept who or what the child is, then on this ac-
ceptance there can be built a mutual respect for each other.
This mutual respect is a necessary foundation on which the
parent/child relationship will be built.
Many old style parents see children as inexperienced and
fairly stupid until taught otherwise by experienced and
wiser adults. New parents are aware that their child is an
evolved being in a small body, and there is a mutual ex-
change of ideas and experiences in the relationship. The
parent teaches the child/soul the survival skills he or she
needs for life on the planet at this time. The child teaches
the parents new perspectives on life that derive from his or
her closer connection with the spirit world.
This mutual respect means each of you will allow the other
to be what they are, without the need for criticism and hos-
tility if there are differences.
In fact, the new parent will see these differences as some-
thing to be celebrated as we begin to understand the im-
mense diversity and possibility inherent in human life on the
planet today.
This topic relates to love and respect as well. If there is
unconditional acceptance, love and mutual respect in the
home, there is also going to be tolerance for the differences
and individual needs of each person in the family.
This tolerance can be extended to the broader society out-
side the home. If you teach your child you are OK with you,
and you are OK with them, they are more likely to transfer
this pattern to their contact with different children and peo-
ple they meet at school and in social situations.
This tolerance of others and acceptance of others is part of
the mission of the Indigo and Crystal Children, and will help
create a world in which there is tolerance and acceptance
of all.
The new parent will show their child they can connect with
people who are different, with respect. They can honor the
differences and celebrate the diversity, rather than being
threatened and fearful as so many old style parents were.
The effectiveness of the aspects mentioned above in the
new parenting paradigm, often lies in the parent’s ability to
share life skills with the child. This is most effectively done
through the skills of communication, negotiation, and disci-
Communication with your child is one of the key ways in
which you can show love and respect.
The act of communication is one of giving and receiving.
The person who communicates is giving or sharing ideas,
and the person who listens is receiving those ideas. Both
processes are active, as receiving or listening is also a skill.
As a parent, you should move beyond issuing orders and
instructions which you expect the child to receive without
question and obey. Above all you should never lose your
temper and shout in the process of communicating with
your child.
The use of anger and violence in a communication only
teaches the child to get your own way you have to make
the most noise and be the most aggressive. Likewise, physi-
cal punishment teaches the child in order to get what you
want (compliance), you have to be aggressive and violent.
These patterns of communication will be internalised and
may then be externalised when the child interacts with its
Crystal Children, especially, are here to experience power,
and if they learn from you that violence equals power, then
they will play this out. And often against you.
Far better then, to teach your child to communicate effec-
tively, but with respect. The key here is for both parties to
listen to what the other has to say. In the act of listening
to really receive and understand what the other feels and
Communicate with your child about all family matters
which affect him or her. Do not just assume that because
they are small they just need to fall in line with what you
want. Children have emotional needs that should be taken
into consideration when making decisions that will affect
the entire family.
Negotiation is part of the communication process. If you
want your child to follow a certain path or do certain things,
you will have to explain to them why you need this behav-
iour from them. Indigos and Crystals are not interested in
authoritarian commands, but they will listen if you talk
calmly and negotiate for what you want.
If what you want is not particularly attractive to them, it is
possible to negotiate a reward for having them do as you
ask. In this case there is a win/win situation, where both
parties get something that they want.
The skill here is not manipulation, although parents of smart
Indigos will need to watch that the child does not become
manipulative. Rather, it is reaching a place of mutual com-
fort, where both parties are in accord and happy with what
needs to be done. For example, if clearing away toys is an is-
sue, negotiate with the child that if the toys are cleared away
every night for a week, then on the week-end some treat
can happen. If not, no treat. Most children will work around
a proposal like this, rather than having mother continually
shouting about why the toys are not put away (because In-
digo and Crystal Children generally have other more impor-
tant and imaginative things to do than put away toys).
Although this one was left for last, it is generally the most
emotive topic in my discussions with parents. Whether or
not to give hidings or time-outs as punishment, or to enforce
My own belief is no violence, ever. This just teaches the
child violence is a tool for getting what you want.
However, I also believe that the concept of discipline is poor-
ly understood in our society. It is equated with rules and
regulations and punishment. In effect, the word discipline
shares the same root as disciple, and has to do with teach-
ing and learning. The most effective teacher is not the one
who shouts and is violent. In ordinary life, teaching is most
effective when it comes from the heart and is imparted in a
kind and considerate manner.
Children need to know where the boundaries are, and what
is expected of them within the family context. This helps to
ensure a sense of security that fosters calm behaviour. This
information can be transmitted in a loving and quiet way,
using the skills of communication and negotiation.
The skills of communication and negotiation are very much
a part of the skill of discipline.
Your role as a parent is to teach your child, through exam-
ple and through words, what is required of them to become
empowered and loving adults. You are the teacher, they are
the disciples. Sometimes, they are the teachers and you, as
parents, are the disciples. Let the relationship between you
be as loving and nurturing as that between Christ and his
The Culmination of the INDIGO CRYSTAL Adventure
As I was in the process of completing this book, a series of channelled
messages came through from Archangel Michael and the Hathors to let us
know that the second wave of transitions was about to begin. The number
of Indigo Crystal Adults and Children was now sufficient to hold the en-
ergy for another wave of people to begin their awakening and ascension
up the dimensions.
Not only this, but we were told that the planet itself had now shifted into
multi-dimensional crystalline form, and that we were now privileged to
live on a Crystal Planet! This is the ultimate gift of the children to their
parents, and to us all. We have created the New Earth together. Now we
just need to allow it to manifest around us. What a blessed and wonderful
The adventure is just beginning!
We have included the channelled messages here:
Transition News flash! The Next Wave is Going
Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn
This important message is for Lightworkers, especially those who have
been through or are just completing their transitions. We want you to know
because of your efforts, the next major wave of transition has begun!
What does this mean for you? Many of you have been feeling much better,
feeling the joy of the New Earth, feeling a sense of stability and peace.
Then suddenly you felt all the old symptoms of the transition coming back.
You may have thought, ”Oh no, I’m not finished YET!” Believe me, dear
ones, you have completed your transitions are firmly in your 5th/6th di-
mensional frequencies.
What is now happening is you have agreed, on the soul level, to be facilita-
tors of the next wave of transitioners. They have agreed to embark on their
journey because you have agreed to hold them. This is the function of a
Crystal Adult or Child. They hold the energy of others and help to balance
We know you, of the first wave, had a more difficult time, as there were
only the Crystal Children to hold you. You have now joined with the Crys-
tal Children, and you are holding the energy together for the next wave.
What you are experiencing is the flow of energy through you, as you trans-
mit energy outwards to initiate the transition in others, and receive their
energy to transmute. This you were taught to do in your own transition. It
may not be a conscious process, but your angelic self knows how it is done,
so just relax, keep yourself in balance, and know it will not last long.
As soon as your crystal system acclimates to this new task, you will be
able to go on with life again. In the meantime you may experience symp-
toms such as hot flashes, excess energy (especially at night), anger, anxi-
ety and depression. LET THEM FLOW THROUGH YOU. This is part of your
service to the planet at this time.
You are now a mentor to many souls in your area. Each person who has
finished their transition has been assigned a group of souls to initiate and
support them through their process. They will draw on you, either on the
higher levels, or maybe on the physical level as well. They need your expe-
rience and your reassurance. They may not be as brave and courageous as
you who were the lions of the first wave. Be kind and supportive, and they
will experience their transitions with your support as well as the support
of the angelic realms.
We thank you for this work. We know that you may feel it is all happening
too quickly. The energy is gathering momentum and more and more souls
are agreeing to this process. We ask for your support and we thank you for
your work.
Celebrate with us as more and more people are willing to make the shift
and awaken to who they truly are, with your help!
Love and blessings in this miraculous time,
Archangel Michael.
P.S. From Celia: Our original article on the Transition: The Indigo to Crys-
tal Transitional Crisis appeared in the Sedona Journal of Emergence this
month. Obviously the angels knew that many more people would need
to be reached with this message and prepared the way with this new ap-
pearance of the article.
The Blue Moon Stargate: The Hathors through Celia Fenn.
This Full Moon that you are about to experience presents a very special
The Culmination of the INDIGO CRYSTAL Adventure
opportunity for you at this time. This will be explained to you fully in the
next message, by Archangel Michael, but we wish only to share with you
the very special energies of this time.
In Ancient Egypt, when we worked with the people of those times, all
knew that this period , between the 22/23rd of July and the 12th of Au-
gust, was a very special time. In Egypt it was called the New Year, and
was celebrated as such. It was marked by the helical rising of Sirius and
the annual rising of the Nile, which brought abundance to the land.
In your time, you recognise it as the time when the sun moves into Leo. In
ancient Egypt, the ordinary people celebrated this event. But the priestly
classes knew there was more to it. The helical conjunction in the sky of
Sirius and the Sun, representing Isis and Ra, also signified an event of
great importance in the heavens. The ancients also knew that the Lion
Path, or the path of advanced evolution, was made available to humans
at this time.
At this time, a stargate in the Sirius vicinity opens, and a flood of cosmic
light washes like a river across the galaxy of the Milky Way, bringing
waves of spiritual energy to the Earth. This energy activates evolution on
all levels. The priests used this time to practice ceremonies to bring this
cosmic light to Earth for the purpose of advancing the awareness of the
Law of One or the message of love and unity among all the people.
We would urge you to do likewise at this time. Open your hearts and wel-
come this flood of loving Cosmic Light that emanates from the heart of
the Great Mother and washes down the cosmic river of the Milky Way to
the Earth . This light brings abundance and joy to all who can open their
hearts to receive it.
This is the gift of the Sirius stargate, and the Goddess Isis, the Great
Mother. Isis, who echoes and responds to the Divine Feminine energies
within each one of us.
We at Starchild extend our thanks to all the wonderful people who joined
us for the Blue Moon meditation recently. We present here a continuation
of the information that has come through on the occasion of the Blue
Moon. I am sure you will agree the two channeled messages from the Ha-
thors and Archangel Michael give us exciting information for this time.
The important dates are : 6th August, 8th August and 12th August.
The Culmination of the INDIGO CRYSTAL Adventure
The Time Frame was explained this way by the Hathors: On the 6:8 (6th
August) the energy of the Venus Transit will once again be activated and
connected with the Sirius/Sun alignment on the 8:6. The Harmonic tones
for the Number 6 energy can be explained in terms of the Archetypal key
of the Tarot-the Lovers, whose energy represents the perfect balance of
male and female energies needed to bring to birth the Crystal Planet.
The Number 8 energy is represented in the Tarot keys by the image of a
woman taming a lion. This represents the Goddess or Divine Feminine
holding open the path of the heart or the Lion Path of Advanced Evolution
that we are taking advantage of now. This card is sometimes exchanged
with the Tarot Key no 11, which is called Justice and depicts a woman
with a pair of scales. She represents the Goddess Maat whom the Egyp-
tians knew to be the Great Mother who holds the cosmic order and gifts
us with this energy.
The transition will take four days-from the 8th to the 12th August, and will
only settle by the New Moon on the 16th August. So expect a turbulent
and exciting time within that next two weeks.
Message One: Birthing the Crystal Planet on the 8:8 Harmonic
The Hathors through Celia Fenn
The energy reaching your planet now is a blessing from the Divine Mother
at the Galactic Centre. It is a powerful and transformative energy that has
been misused for negative ends by those on your planet in the past. This
energy was used for negative purposes (the atomic explosions in Japan in
1945 being one example of such an abuse). Because you have awakened
and begun to be responsible for the cosmic energies that come to your
planet, this is no longer possible.
At this full moon there are enough of you willing to transmute the energies
through your beings and transmit them as love and peace to the planet
and so you have created a miracle. You have made it possible for the Crys-
tal Planet to be birthed on the 8th August, which represents the 8:8 Har-
monic of this Transformative Cycle.
The Crystal Planet is a term that we use to describe a planet whose di-
mensional harmonics are in perfect resonance, like the perfect facets of
a crystal. Each dimension is in parallel harmonic with the next, and the
The Culmination of the INDIGO CRYSTAL Adventure
planet itself moves into Multi-Dimensional Harmony.
At this time, your planetary consciousness is seated largely in the 5th Di-
mension, with many individuals still living largely outdated 3rd Dimen-
sional lifestyles. There are those who have reached into the 5th and 6th
dimensions and have begun to create their own realities. Since the Blue
Moon stargate opened, many have now shifted into the 8th and 9th Di-
This is truly a miracle, it means the Christ Seed or Consciousness which
operates on the 9th Dimension, is now firmly established as part of the
planetary harmonic on Planet Earth. The function of those who work at
the 9th Dimensional level is to receive and transmit higher frequency cos-
mic energies to those in the lower dimensions or frequencies. These are
the Earth Keepers who take on the role of the Christed or Crystal ones. At
this time, those of you who are entering into service at the 9th Dimension
are fully activating your beautiful Crystal Auras, your own personal Har-
monic Grid that connects into the Harmonic Grid of the Planet.
This planetary harmonic blend was known in Egypt. The code name for it
was the Blue Nile and the White Nile. When these joined into one stream
there was peace and abundance. The Blue Nile represented the 5th and
6th Dimensions and the White Nile represented the 7th to 9th Dimensions.
In ancient Egypt the harmonic balance created allowed for the flowering of
Egyptian civilization. At this time the Pharaoh would hold the frequencies
of the higher harmonics in his own being. Now, those of you on the planet
who have developed your Crystal Light Bodies will be entrusted with the
task of holding and transmitting these frequencies for the planet.
The establishment of this Harmonic Multi-Dimensional Resonance on 8:8
(8th August) will precipitate many changes on the planet and in your lives.
As the new harmonic tones are set up, the old ones disintegrate. More and
more you will be challenged to release old patterns of living and thinking
and embrace new ways of being.
We say to you that the keys are Love and Peace and Beauty. The New Har-
monics are about sharing, interdependence and unconditional acceptance
of each other. The Crystal Planet is a place where the harmonic of peace
will prevail, overriding the old pattern of separation and disharmony cre-
ated by your exile in the 3rd Dimension.
The Culmination of the INDIGO CRYSTAL Adventure
We welcome the inhabitants of the Crystal Planet to the
Cosmic Family of Love and Oneness.
In the Law of One we are all ONE in the Great TONE of
We are your family in Love,
The Hathors
The Culmination of the INDIGO CRYSTAL Adventure